TITOLO: September 18 people

WRITTEN BY: famous horoscopologist

DATE: millennia ago


This is what we september 18 people
are supposed to be like: so beware!



Those born on September 18 are very private even secretive people who for one reason or another often find themselves in very public careers. Their world is a highly personal one to which entrance is not granted easily. They can be depended on, but perhaps not forever, because with great finality and suddenness they are capable of closing the door on a friendship or love relationship. Thus they may be dangerous people to get involved with unless their partners are prepared for their changes of heart.
Those born on this day are capable of attaining tremendous success, but they can equally be hounded by repeated failure and plain bad luck. The theme of beauty is central to their lives. They are highly sensitive to any kind of strife, violence or bitter competition, which they would just soon avoid. The fact is that September 18 people are not capable of handling a lot of stress and despite their often imposing or attractive appearance may also not be blessed with the highest degree of self confidence.
When September 18 people are faced with complex problems, however, they respond to the challenge well, because basically they enjoy figuring things out. They really do want to understand and in order to do that they often sequester or isolate themselves from the world, so they can conduct their internal investigations in private. Thoughtful, ruminative and deep people, they take life very seriously, perhaps too seriously.
Most September 18 people have a special relationship with worship or belief, whether realized in personal development, artistic expression or social interaction. Because of their devotional nature, they do well with studies and lifestyles which demand unbroken concentration and attention, as well as submerging their own ego. This suppression of their affect can create emotional difficulties, but may also produce an air of mystery about them that makes them highly attractive. One must know when to approach those born on September 18, and when to leave them alone. More than with other people, success in a relationship with them will depend on a mate’s ability to be sensitive to this timing.
September 18 people are often found far from their original home, either geographically or emotionally, and some born on this day prefer not to be reminded of their past. In general they leave what is past behind them and rarely reopen a closed issue or failed relationship.


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