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I am as proud to be Australian (Western Australian at that) as I am proud of being of Arab origin (a Palestinian at that). I was born to Palestinians parents and was raised as such. Being a Palestinian is not easy, especially when you are born in a foreign country and raised in different countries. I was born in Libya, attended primary and high school in Lebanon, had my BSc in Electronics in UK, worked for a while there then emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1983. All my children were born there. In 1994, I started to work in Qatar but kept coming on my holidays to Perth and visiting the rest of WA. It was while in Qatar, I realised how much does Western Australia mean to my family and I, and where I became more aware of the injustices the Palestinians suffer at home and throughout the world mainly due the stereo typing of the Arabs as fanatics, extremists and terrorists. Also, Qatar was the place where I started to know and meet members of my family (Abu Hejleh).
When the Internet became a wide spread media tool, I started the task of building pages that I hope will bring:
1- Knowledge and understanding about the culture, history and traditions of the Arabs, especially the Palestinians
2- The beauty and adventurous life of the Western Australian
3- Closeness and good relations among my family which is now spread all over the world (I have a British brother)
4- Some meaning to my life and understanding to today's current affairs.

This page contains links to the Hejleh Family Tree, Western Australia, Arab countries and global issues.

Enjoy !!!!

My Western Australian pages on the Internet

Western Australia - Land & People "WA, the whole of WA and nothing but WA"
Arts, Artists & Private Galleries of Western Australia You will find something you like here....
Quotes & Instructions for Life that (may) reflect my thoughts & philosophy about life, the universe and every thing....
Metropolitan Perth and Regional Western Australia Info by region, shire, city, town and suburb

Hejleh Family Tree and Arab countries

Hejleh Family Tree Dedicated to the HEJLEH family and anything connected to them such as villages, articles, history
The Countries & People of the Arab World Links to the Middle East, North Africa, Arab countries and regional information

Matters that should concern us all

Amnesty International Working to protect human rights worldwide
Global Movement for Children About participation, action and accountability involving everyone. We will change the world with children
Greenpeace International Effective international campaigns to protect the earth's oceans, forests and sky.
Human Rights Watch dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world
United Nations an organization of sovereign nations providing the machinery to help find solutions to international problems
WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature An independent conservation organization

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