The Tumut Cup. I backed the winner, Lacryma Star

Not the Cup, the Friday golf convoy - or - a good ride spoilt

Dave tees off with the birthday Calloway

Billy follows through

Stina swimming

BBQ time

Jennifer & Kate

Mario cooks the pissoles

Foreground: Wisdom & Dignity - Background: Huey, Dewey & Louie

Dave & Mick


Cake Time

Vicki & Jennifer

Saturday Morning - follow the yellow brick road - to the track

Race 2 - I backed the winner

Race 2 - Smokin' Arch (red cap) heads home

Dutch people - they come over here, they back our winners ... What's the world coming to

Jean studies the form

Uncle looks for a winner

Sandra, PB and Ingrid

Birthday boy Kel, and Karen the card-sharp look for a winner


Wayne & Mike


Lee & Ursula


Jason & Ineke compare winnings

Dennis & Gina

Patrick and his award-winning alligator shoes

Dave shows suitable respect

Liz stays cool

Tiny tot fashions in the field

Ingrid & Stina in prize-winning form

A couple of colourful racing identities

David, Vicki, Kate and Billy


Terry Wallace moonlights. (He finished 9th again)

Race 4. The Tumut Building Supplies Ratings Based 62 Handicap. On the fence are Billy, David, Jean, Vicki, Kate, Sandra, Uncle, Kira, Mike, PB, Patrick, Caitlin (obscured), Jason, Ineke, Netty, an interloper, Gina, Dennis, Phil, Dave, Christina, Polsk and Jo

Everyone's a winner

Polsk, Dave & Stina

The Marquee de Tumut

Looking for my next winner

Jason, Kira, Jo and Phil

Rosina, Jesse the Barman and PB

Liz, Wayne & Patrick

The Golden Larynx, Mr A. Hull


Traveller Time

Tumut River

Homeward Bound

A refreshing dip sets us up for a good night's punting

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