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Catalogues and Other Documentation


We are seeking catalogues and other literature. These are extremely important to help document the history of Teisco guitars.At this stage we will take photos of the items, but scanned copies would be better. As long as we can read the data then thatís all the counts.However, eventually we need to find good scanned copies of all this. We are seeking the following;


       Scanned copies Teisco catalogues from 1948 to 1973;

       Scanned copies Other catalogues that feature Teisco guitars;

       Scanned copies of original adverts / flyers of Teisco guitars, basses, slides and amplifiers;

       Any price lists;

       Any delivery dockets / invoices etc from music stores and sales outlets.

       Any sales receipts for Teisco items.

       Scan copies of any manuals or warranty cards etc...


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Please note that any photos, information etc. may be published in either electronic or print form, in the future. By providing us photos, documentation or information, you are giving your consent for us to use the material provided for publishing. If you want to share something, but donít want it published, then please make that very clear in your email. We will respect your wishes.


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