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Until the 1990ís Teisco guitars were not considered collectable, nor were they given any respect as a vintage instrument. In 2009 the Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide contained less than half a page to cover the vast range of models made by Teisco. Even their description of the models is very general and the values were completely wrong compared to what the market was paying at that time. It demonstrates the lack of respect that collectors had towards these guitars. Given that some of these models were selling well past the thousand dollars mark, it seems useless to print in a price book the most a Teisco guitar is worth is five hundred dollars. This is the type of problem faced with Teisco collecting. There is no guide, or references to base anything on.

The biggest issue with collecting Teiscoís is that there is no records kept of the models and their original state. The original company is long gone and any records that existed would have been in Japanese. Unlike American guitar companies, trying to contact people in Japan regarding Teisco history is almost impossible.

A lot of models had several versions while others constantly evolved over several years. There was also a few model numbers that were re-used several years later for different shaped guitars. This adds to the confusion as to what is your guitar and what is it suppose to look like. Then try to determine when it was made and what it is worth becomes confusing. Then to confuse the matter even more, Teisco some how got the credit for manufacturing almost all the Japanese vintage guitars during the 60ís. Many cheaper quality instruments manufactured by other companies were assumed to be Teiscos, bringing down the reputation of the brand. There was actually about eight manufactures during the 1960ís in Japan, producing a wide range in quality.

So where does all that leave us?Well there are a couple of sources of information on the World Wide Web. There is a lot of misleading information on Teiscos and just because it is on some ones page does not mean that it is true. But given the amount of information they had to start with, they did a pretty good job collecting what information they have. For the past 10 years we have been quietly compiling data to provide all the answers relating to the history of Teisco Guitars. We have identified and recorded about one hundred and fifty seven models of guitars and basses produced by Teisco, plus there are additional models with other brand names.(eg Silvertone, Kimberley etc..)For more information on what we are trying to achieve, visit the serial number / date chart project page,

But more information is needed so all the gaps can be filled before we start publishing any material. This is where we need your help to rediscover Teisco.


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Well if itís Teisco, we are interested. The main categories of stuff we are looking for are as follows, but anything else is always welcome. Click the links below for more details on each topic;


1.   Information on Teisco Guitars and Bass Models (Share your Teiscoís with us);

2.   Catalogues & Other Documentation;

3.   Teisco Guitars & Basses Accessories;

4.   Past Company owners / employees ( or Friends and Family);

5.   Other Branded Guitars that Might be a Teisco Built Guitar;



Also If you are convinced that you have searched the web far and wide for days and weeks and you think you have a very rare vintage Japanese guitar, then send it through. We may be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction.


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Contact us if you think you have any other information that may be relevant in discovering the history of the Teisco Guitars. So donít be shy, we need your help.



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