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Rare Guitars vs Collectability (By Jimmy Noise / Dec 2013)



Rare Models - There is a lot of rare models made by the Japanese companies, however just because a model is rare, does not make it collectable or valuable. Some models had very few made, however didn’t have something outstanding that made them sort after. Just because a model is rare does not make it a collectable or desired model.


Collectable Models - Guitars that have something interesting about them fall into the collectable group. They have something that sets them apart from other guitars. For example; odd shape, different pickups, some one famous used one etc… Collectable guitars do not have to be rare, just something that creates interest that causes the desire to have one.


These two points should be considered when buying a vintage Japanese guitar. Many models are rare, but not generally considered as collectable models. As there are so many rare models in vintage Japanese guitars, the rarity of the guitar becomes irreverent.



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