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Bass Beat was a brand name used by an Australian company that imported bass guitars from Japan, in the Early 1960ís. Itís believed this company may have owned the Super Twin brand that was used for guitars. Both these brands have very similar logos.


There were two different logos. Bass Beat and there was Bass Beat Two. Itís not known what the differentness between the two brands were.






Model ?? (Bass Beat)

Model 1902 (Bass Beast Two)







Catalogue Number

Years Supplied

Equivalent Teisco Model

Bass Beat




NB-4 / EB-200

Bass Beat Two




NB-4 / EB-200








Bass Beat bass guitars were manufactured by Teisco Co. Ltd.A sticker with a model number, were placed on the neck plate. The numbers used were not the standard Teisco model numbers as per Teisco guitars. It appears that Teisco did use custom numbers for specific clients, at various at times.††






The guitars have been documented being sold in 1966 at:


Yamaha Music Centre

206 Camberwell Road

Camberwell Australia



It was written on a Japanese web page that Yamahaís first solid bodies were purchased from Teisco until they could get there own electric guitar factory stated. Yamaha was already established making acoustics and wanted to get into the electric solid body market. This was only for one year. This could explain why Yamaha Music Centre stocked these models. However none of this has been confirm from a reliable source.




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