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Honey Co. Ltd. was a musical instrument manufacturer during the 60’s in Japan. They produced electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, PA equipment, effect pedals, microphones, and guitar accessories (Strings, Straps etc…) Honey was started by ex-employees of Teisco Co. in February of 1967.


Based on the catalogues an office was established in Tokyo and the factory would most likely be in Osaka. They operated the same way as Teisco Co. Ltd and had a subcontractor do the wood working and painting. This was Teisco Gen Gakki. The painted guitars would then be transported to the Honey Factory where they were fitted with the hardware and electronics. It’s assumed that Honey constructed their own pickups. Because the woodworking was subcontracted, you will see similar guitars with different hardware. This is because the same shape wooden guitars were supplied to different guitar builders and each of them installed there own hardware.  


Honey predominantly made hollow body guitars, as this was the more popular type when the company formed. This was influenced by the Beetles and their use of Rickenbacker’s and the Hofner Beatle bass. This was also shortly after the Beatles toured Japan, which created a small surge in the domestic guitar market.


The guitars were mainly sold to the domestic market in Japan. Even toady they don’t appear outside of Japan very often.


In 1969 the company went bankrupt, due to the slumping guitar market. When the company closed up Mr Maruyama (A former Manager of Teisco Gen Gakki.) bought up all the left over parts from Honey Co. Ltd. He purchased up the left over stock as companies in Japan struggled and or closed down. These parts were used to construct hybrid guitars for sale in Japan. These were often in small quantities; based on the parts he had available.


Based on the research of Idol guitars, we can speculate that there may have been around 8,000 to 10,000 guitars manufactured during the two and a half years the company was in business.




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