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Welcome to Made in Japan 60ís Guitars. This is the main section of our site. The site is aimed at the 1960ís; however some brands go back to the 1950ís and into the early 1970ís.


The brands selected are ones that donít have a lot of information available on them. Some were started because we have discovered some information along the way that we wanted to share, while researching other brands. With over 350 brand names used on vintage Japanese guitars, we had to draw a line somewhere. We donít have the resources to do them all, as much as we like to.Maybe in years to come, we can expand on the current list, but for the moment this is more than we can handle.



Vintage 1960ís Japanese Guitar Brands;


Bass Beat

Crown / Crown Professional

Del Rey







Super Twin

Teisco (Teisco Del Rey) / World Teisco




Vintage 1970ís Japanese Guitar Brands;







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