Ford EB XR8 Falcon


High performance with low emissions !

The 1991 EB XR8 Falcon pictured below is - like any high performance car - under continual development.

At the moment it is running a 347 cubic inch Windsor stroker V8, Edelbrock Victor Jnr inlet manifold, custom 4 barrel throttle body, custom air intake system, and a rebuilt and strengthened BTR 95LE 4 speed automatic transmission.

The car runs a ProFIRE LPG injection system (Straight LPG), 8 LPG injectors, a single high pressure regulator, and 11.5:1 compression ratio.

A dyno run was performed on Friday 3rd February at Rotomotion in Guildford. The initial run of 190 RWHP was brought up to 250 RWHP with a few air/fuel ratio and ignition timing adjustments. (Bare in mind, this engine is running a very mild cam at the moment.)

On the 8th of February 2006, the XR8 ran a 13.72sec 1/4 mile at Quit Motorplex Kwinana, which was an improvement on its last outing of 14.4sec.

A 408 cubic inch Windsor V8 (stroked 351 Windsor) is currently under construction, which may be fitted to the XR8 in the near future.