Ford F350 Big Block


High performance with low emissions !

The 1978 F350 pictured below is an ongoing development test-bed for RAGE.

The engine is a worked 460 with ported and matched Edelbrock alloy heads, large roller cam, Victor Jnr intake manifold, and forged crank, pistons and rods.

The gearbox is a reverse manualized C6 automatic transmission with a dual wheel Dana 60 diff.
A huge amount of work has gone into the body like a dropped I-Beam, height adjustable air bag suspension, custom EL falcon dash with individual Autometer gauges.

The F350 runs dedicated LPG with ProFIRE LPGT+ sequential LPG injection. The LPG is fed via 8 Injectors with custom fuel rails, 2 high pressure regulators and 2 tanks. An EFI Hardware four barrel throttle body controls the airflow.

Sofar the truck has done a 13.9 second quarter mile.



Ford F350 460 Big Block with LPG injection.

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