High performance with low emissions !

The 1988 FC RX7 pictured is yet another test bed for the ProFIRE team, and our first rotary.
The Engine is a standard Jap spec 13B Turbo running 14 PSI of boost, and the factory ECU has been replaced with a ProFIRE LPG-T+ ECU.

The engine is fitted with a straight through 3 exhaust, Turbosmart dumpvalve and Turbosmart boost controller.

The ProFIRE ECU has been configured to utilize the factory sensors i.e. water, air, TPS, O2 etc, but the restrictive vane airflow meter has been removed and replaced by a MAP sensor.

The ProFIRE ECU is controlling the factory ignition system with 3D mapped timing and ignition split. Initially the dedicated LPG was delivered via 4 staged 73cc/s Keihin injectors, fitted into modified factory fuel rails and a single Prins VSI regulator. That configuration still remains, but a further 4 injectors are now supplementing the original injectors, as they had reached their duty cycle limits. (Photo at bottom left)

Unfortunately the RX7 developed a boost leak during the dyno power run.





Mazda 13B Turbo with LPG injection.

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Latest Upgrade.

13BT Cosmo Bridgeport with 700hp turbo.

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