Ford XP Falcon Panelvan


High performance with low emissions !

The 1966 XP Panelvan pictured below is the new project for Tyson at RAGE Racing.

The engine is a 302 Windsor with Pro Topline aluminium heads, 280 duration - 520 lift hydraulic roller cam, dual plane intake manifold, and 12.5:1 compression.

The XP runs dedicated LPG with ProFIRE LPGT+ sequential LPG injection. The LPG is fed via 8 Injectors with custom fuel rails, and a high pressure regulator. An EFI Hardware four barrel throttle body controls the airflow. The engine runs redundant spark via 8 LS1 coils mounted on the rocker covers, and uses an MSD flying magnet crank trigger and AU Falcon cam sync module where the distributor used to be.

The power is put to the ground via a C4 automatic transmission with stage2 shift kit, 2500rpm stall convertor, and a mini spooled 9 inch with 4.11:1 gearing. Exhaust is dual 3 inch, straight through mufflers, fed from standard cast iron manifolds (due to space limitations) which will make way for custom extractors in the near future. (Dyno run was with standard cast iron exhaust manifolds.)

Apparently Tyson has big plans for the XP at the strip, with a NOS fogger plate already mounted under the throttle body, but yet to be connected and tuned.




Ford XP Falcon Panelvan with LPG injection.


Ford 302 Windsor with LS1 coil packs, and alloy heads.


(N2O to be added soon).