The ProFIRE LPGT+ ECU is designed and built in Western Australia, and is primarily aimed at providing the ability to fit Sequential LPG Vapour Injection to vehicles not previously equipped with fuel injection of any kind. The main goal of the system is to enable the high performance enthusiast to build a vehicle and engine combination which is not only high in power, but more importantly maintains very respectable emission levels, and returns excellent fuel economy.

We supply and service APA, AMR, Autogas Italia, Emer, Emme, Elko, Elpigaz, Gasitaly GI, Impco, King, KME, Landi Renzo Omegas, Lovato, Manchester, MGA, OMVL Dream, Prins, Romano, Sprint, Tartarini, Zavoli, and ProFIRE Vapour Injection.

Our workshop is equipped with a Mainline/Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno and we are able to tune any factory or aftermaket ECU, PCM, ECM etc - Fuel, Ignition, Shift points, E85, Petrol, LPG, Methanol, Ethanol, NOS Nitrous, Race fuel. Turbo, Twin Turbo, Supercharger. Cleaner, Faster and Better.

Fastest ProFIRE street car 10.85s @ 198kph (left) and race car 9.02s @ 249kph (right)