Force Fed Gas 2003 VY Ute



  • Standard LS1 and 6 speed manual.
  • ProFIRE LPGT+ ECU, 16 x 73cc Keihin LPG Injectors and 2 VSI regulators.
  • Custom fuel rails.
  • Twin low mount turbo's.
  • 20" Linear wheels.
  • Lowered and uprated suspension.


  • Best power Figure 292rwhp on petrol.
  • Best power Figure 306rwhp on LPG. (Pre Turbo's)
  • 12.77s Quarter mile. (With 20" street tyres)

Future Plans:

  • Stronger clutch.



Before Twin Turbo's

After Twin Turbo's
With excessive wheel spin and 20" street tyres.