What is it ?

The ProFIRE "LPG-T" is a fully programmable, digital engine management system, designed for use on both normally aspirated and forced induction LPG engines.

The ProFIRE "LPG-T+" is an upgraded version, incorporating extra hardware to allow control of up to eight sequential petrol injectors, or LPG injectors. The system is capable of running LPG injection and petrol injection, or LPG carburetion and petrol injection.

It incorporates 3D fuel and ignition mapping, from 0 to 15,500 RPM and 0 to 2.5 Bar manifold pressure, and has the ability to interface to distributor, distributorless (Wasted spark), and full sequential (Coil on plug) ignition systems.

Eight digital outputs are provided for control of LPG gaslock solenoids, variable cam timing, engine cooling fan, etc.

LPG flow control (with carburetion), and engine idle speed control is accomplished by a stepper type valve, or continuously variable solenoid type valve (or combination of both).

Programming and data-logging of all parameters is performed via an IBM compatible laptop computer (with serial port).

The adjustability of the system gives the distinct advantage of being able to tune the ignition curve to suit LPG fuel, and therefore regain some of the lost power and economy usually associated with running on LPG. The higher octane rating of LPG also allows the use of higher compression ratios, or higher boost levels than would otherwise be possible on petrol.

Of course, the above statements are referring to running straight LPG, and building the motor to suit (ie. high comp ratio). But there are still gains to be made even running dual fuel, as the timing curves can be tuned separately for LPG and Petrol, with the system switching maps automatically when the other fuel is selected.

Future versions will incorporate electronic automatic gearbox control (ie. BTR 93/97LE, 4L60, etc).

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