NORTH Family History

A place and time - Australia


1856, 20 May William Westerie Griffiths married Grace Aughterson in Sandhurst.
1857 William Westerie Griffiths obtained his first property in Australia, a framed tent, at Commissioner's Gully.
1860, 23 July Birth of Charlotte Gordon in Robinson Crusoe Gully.
1860, 14 September Birth of William Griffiths (son of William Westerie Griffiths) at Commissioner's Gully.
1863 William Westerie Griffiths moved from Commissioner's Gully to Sheepshead Reef, near Bendigo.
1864 William Westerie Griffiths moved into a house at 60 Belle Vue Road (Lot 126) for himself and his wife Grace. The house, built prior to 1864, is still there today.
1871, 14 April William Westerie Griffiths bought the house at 60 Belle Vue Road. In that year he held the job of Mining Manager.
1874 William Westerie Griffiths bought the block adjoining 60 Belle Vue Road (Lot 127). He continued to own Lots 126 and 127 until at least 1884.
1885, 22 July William Griffiths and Charlotte Gordon were married at the Weslyian Church (now the Uniting Church), Golden Square.
1890 Janet (Jessie) P Phillips died in Carpenter Street, Kangaroo Flat.
1894, 4 June Charles Gordon died in Kangaroo Flat.
1895, 22 January William Westerie Griffiths died of "chronic bronchitis, pneumonia exhaustion", in Sheepshead.
1909, 7 December Grace Aughterson died at 60 Belle Vue Road.



1992, 28 March Karenn North married Maurice Layne.


New South Wales

1831, 11 February William Fish married Elizabeth Morgan in Cobbity.
1839 Birth of James W Fisher in Campbelltown.
1842 Birth of Mary Elizabeth Cave in Wollongong.
1861, 22 October James W Fisher married Mary Elizabeth Cave in Chippendale.
1864, 25 July William Fish (Fisher) died in Glebe.
1904, 26 December George North died of a brain hemorrhage, in Gower Street, Summer Hill, Ashfield.
1923, 1 August Mary Elizabeth Cave died of a heart disease, at 59 Welligton Street, Waterloo.


South Australia

1856 Helen Hill arrived from Scotland, ages 12.



1815, 26 June Birth of Elizabeth Morgan.
1857, 23 August George North arrived from Plymouth, England, aboard the vessel "Zemindar".
1865, 19 August George North and Helen Hill were married at St Andrews Church.
1888, 14 January Thomas Henry Cave died of a self-inflicted wound to the throat, at 5 Beaufort Street.
1890, 20 February John North and Harriet Maude Mary Fisher were married at the Congregational Church, Devonshire Street.
1972 William James Campbell died.


1922, 15 March Lionel Leslie North married Winifred Janet Griffiths.
1942, 14 May William Griffiths died.


1956, 11 February Karenn Marie North was born at the Poplars Private Hospital.


1920, 29 September Lionel Leslie North purchased land from the Wentworth Estate, becoming the first owner/occupier of 26 Tungarra Road, and built a home on that property, subsequently Heritage listed.
1930, 13 December Birth of Gordon James North.
1963, 22 April Winifred Janet Griffiths died of angina.
1997, 20 October Lionel Leslie Eric North died of pneumonia.


1972, 30 April Jason North was born at Hornsby Hospital.


1896, 4 November Helen Hill died of asthma, in 227 Paramatta Road.


1831, 28 November Christening of Elizabeth Morgan at St John's.
1869 Birth of John North.
1934, 26 September Birth of Marjorie Campbell.
1941, 8 October John North died.
1941, 15 November

Harriet Maude Mary Fisher died.

1955, 5 March Gordon James North and Marjorie Campbell were married at All Saints Church, North Parramatta.
1956, 28 October Christening of Karenn North at St John's Church.
1963, 13 November Paul Gary North was born at Parramatta Hospital.
1999 Gladys Beatrice Robinson died.


1861, 22 October James W Fisher and Mary Elizabeth Cave were married at Saint Paul's Church.
1871, 25 August Birth of Harriet Maude Mary Fisher in Turner Street.

Strawberry Hills

1898, 23 November Birth of Lionel Leslie Eric North.



1897, 16 April Birth of Winifred Janet Griffiths.
1900, 30 January Charlotte Gordon died.



1855, 26 June Grace Aughterson, together with brother John and sisters Agnes, Margaret and half sister Ann, arrived in Port Phillip Bay aboard the vessel Marco Polo after an 81 day voyage from England.

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