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Price List - Perth




PS3 Rapid Fire Perth

Our PS3 rapid fire controller mod is for hardcore gamers who want to kick some ass in their favourite first person or third person shooter. Installed at our Perth Western Australia store, PS3 controller modding allows gamers to open up 10 new modes. These modes allow you to configure your firing rate from 10 up to 20 shots per second depending on the limits of the PlayStation 3 game you’re playing. Furthermore our modded PlayStation 3 controllers also offer burst mode, and auto akimbo mode.

PS3 Controller Mod - Rapid Fire Installed

PS3 modded controller solutions support just about all first person shooters including the Call of Duty series - MW3, Modern Warfare 2, BlackOps, World At War, and many more just to mention a few.

So for all your
PS3 rapidfire needs drop into our store in Perth WA, call on 94573903, or email us. Please note the price is to install the PS3 rapid fire kit into your controller, it obviously does not include the controller but does include labour and gst.

Arbiter 3.5 for PS3 $79 installed

PS3 10-mode Rapid Fire $49 installed

Please note: Rapid Fire controllers are often used online on the PlayStation 3 Network (PSN), however there is a possibility of being banned so use online at your own risk. Also update at your own risk as updates could block rapid fire features.









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Shop Address:

Unit 2 / 8 Yampi Way   Willetton Perth WA 6155 (Look for the yellow Mod Xpress sign)

 click here for a road map

   (08) 94573903


Shop Hours:
  Mon - Wed 9am - 6pm
  Thurs 9am - 9pm
  Fri & Sat 9am - 5pm

Terms & Conditions
Click here for our Terms & Conditions of repair.


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