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Price List - Perth



an exploitable xbox 360 console

Xbox 360 JTAG Perth

Thanks to a new method called the JTAG Reset Glitch Hack, we are now offering this groundbreaking Xbox 360 hack to our Perth WA customers. In fact this Xbox 360 hard disk mod supports almost all Slim Xbox 360 consoles thanks to Coolrunner 3 Pro, regardless of the dashboard version. See below for more details.



So what is jtag? A Xbox 360 JTAG Hack allows you to run homebrew software on your Xbox 360 console. Homebrew basically means unauthorized software like Freeboot, XBR & Xell, and offers the ability to play and backup games to an internal Hard Drive or even an external USB Hard Drive. The Xbox 360 JTAG mod eliminates the need to use discs protecting your expensive investment from scratching & damage. Another feature of this Xbox 360 mod is the ability to play emulators for older game consoles.

The New 360 JTAG Hack is based off the reset glitch hack by gligli; a new method used to crack the until now non-exploitable motherboards and dashboard revisions. For the reset glitch mod we have spared no expense using the Xecuter Coolrunner Rev C and CoolRunner 3 Pro in association with the Xecuter nand-x QSB for the speediest, most reliable reset glitches. We have found the Xecuter line up to be a far better product than cheaper Matrix Glitcher, Squirt 360, Xeno 360 v2 & Cygnos 360 products.

What you get installed
Xecuter Cool Runner 3 Pro RGH3, R JTAG, CoolRunner Rev C JTAG Glitch Board, or Xecuter RGX
Xecuter CoolRunner QSB for easy flashing
FreeBOOT Dashboard
Freestyle Dash (Freestyle 3)
XexMenu v1.1 (new XexLoader)
Sample Homebrew Games
Game System Emulators

Another feature of the 360 JTAG is the ability to play modified Xbox 360 games by removing XeX signature checks. This ability allows you to mod games (Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3 etc) with custom maps, features, and cheats. With this method games can also have the region-free protection removed making this the first true Xbox 360 region free hack.
X360 JTAG mods primarily work through the XBReboot and freeBOOT software which allows homebrew and games to be booted. Free Boot is a X360 hack that allows you to use new Xbox 360 kernels and dashboard giving you the ability to play all games to date. Another great feature of our Xbox 360 NAND flashing product is the ability to use Linux including Gentoo and Ubuntu.

Wondering where to get a jtag? Then look no further than Mod Xpress. X360 NAND Hacking also allows the ability to install Xbox Live Arcade games, use file browsers such as XeXDash, FreeStyle Dash, 360 Menu, and Ingenuis to browse files. Other features include FTP support, launching homebrew, managing the console’s temperature and even the option of controlling your fans speed. The ability to read and hack the NAND also allows the DVD-Key finally to be read from the motherboard allowing a Xbox 360 console with a broken or misplaced DVD-ROM board to be repaired. At it’s heart however primarily the JTAG mod is a Xbox 360 HDD Loader.

Forget the how to jtag guides, drop into our Perth Western Australia store to have your Xbox 360 jtag hack installed today, or call on 08 94573903 or email us for more info. If you’re a hardcore gamer looking for a Xbox 360 hard drive loader then look no further!

Please Note: We do not recommend using a Xbox 360 with a JTAG rgh hack online, use online at your own risk. Furthermore do not update, updating your console will wipe or even kill your Xbox 360 console.

How to Tell if your Console is Jtag-able -

*Slim Consoles: Thanks to the CoolRunner 3 Pro, RGH 3, Xecuter DGX, & J-Runner we can now mod all Slim Xbox 360 consoles regardless of the dashboard version including 16203. Trinity boards (see the link below on how to tell) boot in under 30 seconds on average, as do Corona v1, v2, v3, & v4 boards (check the link below).

How to tell whether you have a Trinity Slim or a Corona for JTAGing

*Fat Consoles: WE NO LONGER OFFER R-JTAG SADLY DUE TO INCONSISTENT PERFORMANCE INSTEAD WE RECOMMEND XKEY. Thanks to the TX R-JTAG we can now mod all dashboards including 16203. Some early 2006 consoles with Xenon & Zephyr mainboards we do not JTAG due to their unreliability and slow glitching. In otherwords we can JTAG the Jasper, Falcon, & Opus Fat motherboards. For Xenons we instead recommend the X360 Key.

 Optional Add-ons

Xecuter Demon Dual NAND $299
      - Total Price inc JTAG

500 GB Internal Hard Disk $Ring
750 GB Internal Hard Disk $Ring
1 Terrabyte Internal Hard Disk $Ring

JTAG Update (req. Xell or NAND) $99









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   (08) 94573903


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