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Ray Morris' Mediaeval Arms and Armour
147 Salisbury Road, Swanview, WA, Australia, 6056
Ph: 61 8 9294 1318 Fax: 61 8 9255 2112
ABN: 30 187 506 255


Steel Gauntlets: A right-handed gauntlet with articulated fingers and thumb guard. Available plain or as shown with highly detailed etched decoration.


Gauntlets And Helm: A closeup of a pair of Gauntlets with Helmet showing details of brass and steel.


Roman Armour:
(left)36. A suit of Roman "Lorica Segmentata" armour with a curved rectangular legionaire's shield or scutum
- and (below) a cingulum or Roman soldier's ornamented belt.

Roman Centurion Armour:
(left)A suit of Roman "Lorica Segmentata" armour with Centurions Helm and a curved rectangular legionaire's shield or scutum

"Early Modern"...
A later period armour with breastplate, back and tassets (thigh guards).

"Cap Pie"
Ray Morris also makes full suits of Mediaeval and Renaissance plate armour, available complete or as individual pieces.
* Fully etched and gilded to your design (with battle scenes, family crests etc.)
All suits of armour are fully wearable and battle ready.

Dress Armour
Two angles of a beautiful suit of Armour in highly polished steel with brass plating.

A highly polished suit of armour with decorative Brass plaques
This suit of armour, as with all Mediaeval Arms and Armour products, can be customized to your specifications.

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