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147 Salisbury Road, Swanview, WA, Australia, 6056
Ph: 61 8 9294 1318 Fax: 61 8 9255 2112
ABN: 30 187 506 255


Mediaeval Arms & Armour would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following people in relation to this site and other aspects of the business!

Russell Miners

Russell created the original Mediaeval Arms and Armour website in 1996 and updated it until the late 1990's. A lot Russells original material and dialogue is still incorporated in todays site. Russells "tag" is © NetForge Webbed by Russell Miners 1998.

N.B. ErrynWeb took over from Russell and has been maintaining the site ever since.

Craig Morris

Craig (Ray's Son) has been learning the business for some years and helps out as much as he can. Craig also helps out by running Ray's brand (animal) business thereby freeing Ray up to spend more time on his marvellous replicas.

Maureen Morris

Maureen (Ray's Wife) does all the book work for Mediaeval Arms and Armour as well as supplying coffee and other sustenance to Craig and Ray. All this and Maureen is a full time nurse as well.

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