Etched Wedding Swords For Your Special Day!
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Ray Morris can etch just about anything he makes to your design. Designs such as family crests, celtic motifs, runes etc are all available, your imagination is the limit. All etching takes time and consequently adds to the price of a base or custom product.

Battle Axe
Close-up of axe head showing an eagle in flight, a stylized helm and a modest nude.

Battle Axe
A hunting scene showing mounted hunters chasing a stag.

Double-Headed Battle Axe
Both faces of a highly etched Double-Headed Battle Axe showing a Crest on the left and stag/deer on the right.

"Eastern" Double Axe
Highly etched double "Eastern" style Axe

Dagger etched with runes.

Extensively Decorated Morion

Morion style Helm richly decorated with various designs.

"El Cid" Style Sword
A two-handed broadsword, with an intricate octopus design etched into the blade.

Dragon Katana
A close-up of the carved head and etched runes on a katana.

"Bowie" Knife
A "Bowie" style knife with initials and various bladed weapons etched in blade.

Roman Sword
A richly engraved Roman style sword.

"Another Dagger
A custom-made fantasy dagger with a highly detailed twin snake motif which moves from the molded pommel through the carved hilt and finally down the length of the acid-etched blade.

A close-up of the etched side plate of a musket .

Another aspect of the etching on the musket.

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