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Ray Morris' Mediaeval Arms and Armour
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Replica Firearms
Please Note: Mediaeval Arms and Armour certify that the reproduction pistols and muskets offered are not firearms. They cannot be discharged and are for wall decoration only.

A replica flintlock pistol. Hand carved stock, brass barrel with brass trim, 48cm long.


Ornately Decorated Wheel-lock pistol - Hand carved and engraved working action replica. Includes brass barrel, carved stock, winding tool and wooden ramrod.

A brace of pistols.
Flintlock Pistol, Percussion Cap Pistol, Flintlock Pistol with Grotesque Butt


A Matchlock musket circa 1500. Hand carved stock, all-steel moveable mechanism, sliding pan cover.

Pictures below

Working Model (DOES NOT fire), Fully etched steel sideplates, hand-carved serpentine sliding pan cover, brass butt and barrel rest.

Close-up of sideplates and serpentine.

Working Model (DOES NOT fire), plain sideplates, shorter, lighter, no barrel rest.

Afghan Musket features the well-known Sind stock. Hand carved stock and steel flintlock mechanism, brass barrel bands, beautifully presented.

A Blunderbuss. Hand carved stock and steel flintlock mechanism, brass barrel and muzzle, beautifully presented.

The Blunderbuss
blun·der·buss n. A short musket of wide bore and flaring muzzle, formerly used to scatter shot at close range.
The Blunderbuss (or Blunderbess) was used as a close quarters weapon because of it's versatility in ammunition type, if musket balls were in short supply then nails, broken glass or even gravel could be substituted. This sort of ammunition was devastating in confined areas. The Blunderbuss could also be used over a distance of about 160 feet, however, the wide mouthed muzzle made accuracy over that distance a very chancey thing. The blunderbuss was made in rifle and pistol style and was loaded with the traditional ram and wadding.

Updated version of the Kentucky style Musket. All steel blued mechanism. Hand carved, brass hinged patch pocket. Brass butt plate and trigger. Beautifully crafted and an asset to anyones bar or den.

Close-up of mechanism and butt.

A Brown Bess Musket. Carved wooden stock, regimental number in brass, hand carved flintlock mechanism, shoulder strap hooks, brass trigger guard, brass shield on side of stock with your name/coat of arms etc. Bayonets available.

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