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Ray Morris' Mediaeval Arms and Armour
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Some of the work shown on this page has finely etched artwork on the blades. To show this level of detail some of the photographs may be reproduced using quite large image files. Please be patient with the down-load times and enjoy the work.

Customised Decoration: (above) A classic knife with a simple hilt contrasting with its intricately etched blade. This example has a monogram of the owners initials worked into the design.

Fine and Beautiful Tools:
A pair of finely decorated custom made skinning knives - also shown in a solidly made wooden presentation box (below).

A Sweep of Steel:
(below) An elegantly curved Middle-Eastern dagger with an etched blade and an "hour-glass" hilt.

Another beautifully curved Eastern dagger, this one with a metal hilt.

A Bayonet for The Bess:

A Nineteenth Century triangular-section bayonet.

Roman Dagger:
A Pugio (or Roman soldier's broad dagger) with its scabbard.

Ceremonial Pieces:
(below) A selection of Ceremonial daggers...

Something different:

This special ceremonial dagger has a crystal pommel, a carved spiral hilt, a pierced and sculpted brass crossguard with sun and moon emblems, and a sinuous waving blade etched with runes.

...and Snakes... (above) A custom-made fantasy dagger with a highly detailed twin snake motif which moves from the molded pommel through the carved hilt and finally down the length of the acid-etched blade.

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