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Battle Axes, Spears and Maces
Some of the work shown on this page has finely etched artwork on the blades. To show this level of detail some of the photographs may be reproduced using quite large image files. Please be patient with the down-load times and enjoy the work.

Detailed Decorative Work: An axe blade intricately etched with an eagle motif.


The Hunt:

An axe etched with a chase scene of a stag, hounds and mounted hunters.


A Scottish Selection: A selection of four short axes, a targe (small shield) and a rapier.
Battleaxes beautifully acid etched on both sides with leather bound shaft and flanged butt. Can be etched to your own design.
Double-headed Battleaxe comes Plain or Etched.

Weapons of Long and Short Reach :
Two halberds (the pole weapons with the axe blades), a partisan (the spear-like weapon with the forward-turned side blades), a flamberge (wavy bladed) sword and a flanged mace.

A Nasty Beak:
An evil and efficient-looking war Hammer. This weapon, variously referred to as a warhammer, crowsbeak and falcon's beak (bec de faucon) combined a concussive and armour destroying hammer face with a penetrating spike.

Medieval Armour-Busters:
A pair of battle ready flanged maces, all steel construction with leather hand grip.

A Knight's Flail of Devastating Power:
A display replica of a Morgenstern or 'Morning Star' mace.

Eastern Elegance:
An heavy duty, elaborately shaped and etched double bladed axe.

A Spearhead with Wings:
A Dark Age winged spear head, the wings useful for parrying an enemy's attacks - or perhaps for holding away an impaled boar.

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