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N.B. All helms can be made, altered and decorated to your design or requirements!

A Selection: Here is a sample of some of the range of helmets made by Ray Morris.
From left to right:
A8. Late-Mediaeval closed style.
A12. Norman conical helmet.
A11. Ancient Greek crested design.

Pot Helm With PigTail:
Custom Pot Helm with brass trim and horse hair tail. Beautiful example of personalised etching. All helms can be altered to your design or specifications.
Price: Ask For Quote.

Jousting Helmet:
Custom made jousting helm. Reinforced with steel bands, breathing holes are also strengthened. Polished with bands blued for contrast.

Helm Grilles:
Two views of custom practice grilles comprising cheek pieces (for additional protection) and leather straps. These grilles are designed for use with Japanese Samurai Helms as seen below. They are adjustable and hinged for ease of use and finally powder coated for durability.

The Spirit of the Samurai:
A7. A striking black Japanese helmet with a realistic steel face mask.

Note: This helmet and the one below have extra cheek pieces, front neck protection and are constructed from heavy gauge steel.
The polished steel example below was passed as "SCA legal" and practice guards are available.
Price includes stand.

The Spirit of the Samurai:
A7. Another beautiful helmet inspired by the helmets of the Samurai, also with a fearsome anthropomorphic steel face mask -and this time with a bristling fibre moustache .
Price includes stand.

Have you seen this helmet?
It was stolen from its new owner in Seattle USA shortly after it arrived. If you see it please email Ray Morris of Mediaeval Arms and Armour, who will pass on the information.

Roman Might:
A15. A crested and decorated Roman helmet with highly polished brass trim and black horse hair crest. This helm comes padded and ready for use.

No Gaps:
A closed and visored late-period knight's helmet with brass flashes and trim.

A11. A crested ancient Greek helmet. This helm is made of highly polished brass with eagle motif and crest of either synthetic red fibre or black horse hair. The rivetted brass edging can be adjusted (in length) to suit your requirements.

A pair of Thirteenth Century Great Helms, one in the early flat-topped style..

..and another in the slightly later glancing-surface swept back cone style. Both can be battle ready and brass or steel trimmed.

A German Mercenary's Helm
A helmet built to the pattern of a late fifteenth century sallet

Sumptuously Decorated Morion:
Two views of a richly etched 16th Century Combed Morion.
Basic helmet (simple and undecorated).
A16. Extravagantly etched (as shown) with side pieces which are made up of multiple etched plates.

Both styles of helm have brass trim and brass plume holder.

Intimidating and Protective:
This custom made helmet is a practical piece of armour - it was made to be used in competitive rattan stick-fighting and complies with SCA standards.

A Flight of Fancy:
Another custom-built helmet, this one an ornamented and visored winged helmet based on a sallet design.
It too is built in accordance with SCA standards, with an attached bevor (or throat guard) providing additional protection.

The Vikings are Coming!!

And now for a bit of Hollywood...
Okay, okay.. nobody these days is going to tell you that Vikings went into battle with horns on their heads - but don't you just love all those hairy horned warriors in old books and films?..
Here Ray Morris presents this classic piece of fun and Nineteenth-Century Medievalism... It's a guaranteed conversation starter.

D.I.Y Helmet Building Video
Now available: Ray Morris has made an instructional video taking the would-be armourer step by step though the construction of a classic "spangenhelm" conical helmet with nasal. (The "bowl" of the helmet is made from four panels which are beaten into shape and fitted into the frame. The tape shows you how to do this plus many little tricks of the trade...)
The video also comes with 30 of the solid (and sometimes hard to find) domed-headed rivets that are used to hold it all together.
Note: Although made in PAL format, this video is also available in NTSC for US customers.
Price $75 Aust (or $55.95 US, plus postage)

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