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Ray Morris' Mediaeval Arms and Armour
147 Salisbury Road, Swanview, WA, Australia, 6056
Ph: 61 8 9294 1318 Fax: 61 8 9255 2112
ABN: 30 187 506 255


The aim of Mediaeval Arms and Armour is to produce both quality reproductions of antique arms and armour, and fine custom-made pieces. The photographs on the Mediaeval Arms and Armour pages illustrate some of weapons and equipment available.

All products are hand made in Western Australia and authentic materials including quality hardwoods, steel, brass and leather are used. No plastics of any kind are used.

Please Note: Mediaeval Arms and Armour certify that the reproduction pistols and muskets offered are not firearms. They cannot be discharged and are for wall decoration only.

"We're loading as fast as we can.." Some of the pieces shown in Ray's pages are finely etched with intricate patterns. To show this level of detail, fairly large files are used. If any of them are a little slow to load, please be patient and enjoy the work...


Custom Made Throne

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Replica Firearms

Battle Axes, Spears and Maces




The Unusual..


Video Lessons on Helmet Building
Fancy trying your hand at a little armour-making?
Ray Morris has made a video taking you step-by-step though building a steel helmet. You'll be surprised how you, some simple equipment and a few tips can produce such a solid and good-looking classic conical helmet.


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Albion Small Arms

Yeti Of The North's Chainmaille Accents

History and Combat
If you would like to learn more about modern people who fight and do public performances using weapons and armour like those on the Mediaeval Arms and Armour pages, look over The Grey Company Web Site.

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