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Ray Morris' swords can be etched to the customer's design. This ornamentation can be on the weapon's blade, the pommel (the weight on the end of the grip) or on the quillions (or cross guard). Designs such as family crests, celtic motifs, runes etc are all available.

A Roman gladius (soldier's thrusting sword) and pugio (dagger).
Scabbard sold seperately.


"Braveheart" type Sword.
Modelled after the sword used by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart.

Scottish Claymore
Classic Scottish Claymore with drooping quillons.

Two examples of custom-made swords, one a heavy Mediaeval broadsword...

..and the other a two-handed broadsword with "drooping" quillions.

A two-handed broadsword, with an intricate design etched into the blade.

A hunting sword with a close-up view of its panther and eagle-headed quillions.

A view of the hilts on a pair of rapiers.

...and a cup-hilted rapier. Can be purely ornamental or a rapier suitable for theatrical mock-combat.)

A custom-made sword based upon the Japanese katana.
This sword has a hilt carved into the shape of a dragon from ivory-like material.

A basket-hilted broadsword.

Another view of the basket-hilted broad-sword.

A sabre of a very clean and elegant Nineteenth Century design.

Another sabre, this time of a more exotic Eastern design.

Three decorated swords, each with a design made to the clients requirements and etched into the steel.

Beautiful hand carved brass hilt set on a hardened steel blade, etched with your designs, names, family crests etc.
The Hilt is solid brass entwined with four snakes whose tails are holding an eagle claw pommel which grips a clear crystal ball.
The Quillon is solid brass carved into eight snakes holding 2 blue glass balls.
Into the base of the hilt are carved eyes with blue jewels.
A well balanced sword which is a must for any collector. As they are hand carved no two swords are exactly the same. Scabbard Available!

All steel Quillon and Pommel it has a leather covered wooden handle strengthened with copper wire. The Pommel is etched with your crest and the blade is beautifully etched to your requirements. Classic straight Quillon is highly polished and can be etched to order. Matching Scabbard Available!

Hand carved brass Pommel and Quillon with a wooden hand grip covered in snake skin.This blade was etched to the purchasers requirements using Olde English lettering. Your blade can be etched to your requirements.

Some amazing flaming bladed swords!

Mediaeval Arms and Armour make hardwood and brass wall mounts to allow you to display your sword on a wall.

Visit our sister site Ceremonial Wedding Swords to see ceremonial swords used in the cake cutting ceremony to symbolise the first task undertaken by man and wife and to commemorate the wedding.
Commemorative swords for a special occasion other than a wedding can also be made (and etched to your design or specification) for such family events as Twenty-first Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries - in fact, anything that you want to remember with a keepsake that is both unusual and special.

These swords, with their personalised acid-etched decoration, can be sent anywhere in the world.
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