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The Unusual..
Ray Morris does not just make historic replicas. Many of his pieces are custom made to clients' specification, often combining fantasy elements with a practical historic design. Other works show his artistic skills, with creations as unusual as roses handcrafted from steel.

Some of these photographs are also to be found elsewhere in the Mediaeval Arms and Armour pages (eg helmets, swords etc), but all of them show this Unusual nature so well that they just had to be included.

We hope you enjoy the fun and fascination of these odd and unusual creations.

The Custom Throne

Feel like a KING in your own custom made throne. Sturdy wrought iron frame with your choice of material colours (black, brown or green), your family crest or your initials. Can be crowned with a gold crown held by rampant lions.

Religious Relic:
Elaborately etched stylized cross. Perfect for those who role-play monks!

The Rose:
The rose, handcrafted from steel, makes an appropriate and symbolic gift for a wedding - combining delicacy and strength.. and enduring beauty. The rose, like the wedding swords, would make a fine heirloom to pass on in years to come.

Three Roses in different materials/styles. Brass (left), Steel (center), Brass/Steel Combination (right)


Flamberge (literally "flaming") swords usually have fairly simple wavy blades, but these ones seem to be exploding with steel flames. (Another name for wavy swords is "flamboyant" - which certainly applies to these examples.)

"Morning Star"

This is a strictly ornamental replica of the fearsome armour-buster of Medieval times. With this spiked club on a chain a knight could destroy an opponent's armour, jamming the suit's joints and pummeling the man inside it. This weapon allowed a fighter to even strike around his adversary's defenses using the leverage and flexibility provided by the chain.

..Altogether a very nasty weapon.

Here's something out of the ordinary
- a pair of metal chastity belts.... one for her, and one for him!

Dragons! Two photos of a dragon-design knife, one showing the scalloped edge on the blade creating a sinuous look to the blade, which continues the lines of the snake-like dragon on the hilt. The other view shows the knife in its scabbard, which is also decorated in a continuation of the dragon design.

A Very Customised Helmet

This is a practical piece of armour - in fact it was made to be used in competitive rattan stick-fighting.
This helmet has an amazing, almost surreal look - it had to be included in "The Unusual".

..and an even more customised one..

Under the dramatic and theatrically decorative touches this helmet is a solid and authentic sallet.

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