Amiga PS/2 Adapter

I was going to buy a new Amiga mouse (or two) but found an Amiga-PS/2 adapter project on the internet. Since we were sending out a 2-layer PCB on a prototype panel and we had spare space on the panel, I decided to whip up a PCB for the project. 

STATUS: PCBs for 12 prototypes have arrived. 

Two-button mode tested and confirmed working on A1000, A500 & A1200.

Joystick pass-thru mode tested and working.

Scroll-wheel tested and working.

Revision 0.1 Schematic (PDF) and PCB (PDF)

Board Option

Price (AUD)

NOT inclusive of postage

Fully assembled and tested without joystick 2 cable $35
Fully assembled and tested with joystick 2 cable (required for wheel & 5-button mode) $38

Number of PCBs remaining = 5