Sega Consoles

MegaDrive - Dreamcast

Like the Nintendo consoles, I actually never owned either of the consoles I now find in my Sega collection! In fact, I never had any interest in them during their hey-day, never knew anyone that owned one, and never even played them. So again, why did I end up collecting them?

I got interested in the Dreamcast when a friend and colleague bought one rather cheaply. I saw a few games and was impressed. I was even more interested in getting one myself when I discovered it could run Linux, and that there was an active hacking scene with gnu tools and network adapters available. Finally, when I found some cheap machines going at a local flea-market, I took the plunge and was hooked.

More recently, I acquired a couple of Sega MegaDrives (aka Genesis) courtesy of my girlfriend Karina's little brother, who picked one up in the local council cleanups complete with 32X unit. A few weeks later he presented me with not only a 2nd MegaDrive, but also a matching Super Magic Drive copier, complete with power-supply and floppy disk drive. What a find!

These days my Dreamcast has seen a bit of multi-player game-play but very little in the way of hacking - yet! I've barely used the MegaDrive but am impressed with its capabilities for its generation. At this point I doubt I'll be adding much  more to either collection. I'm interested in adding the MegaDrive to PUCE and also do some development on the Dreamcast - just have to figure out what that development will entail!.


The Super Magic Drive had serious battery-corrosion damage when I got it and it didn't work at all. I removed any component I even suspected of being damaged and set about fixing the PCB. I was pleasantly surprised to find, after sanding back the corrosion on the copper traces, that it wasn't as bad as I had feared. I treated the board with vinegar & water and sealed the PCB with clear nail varnish. I replaced the missing components (minus the battery) and was very pleased to find that it worked - at least I could download games to the SRAM from the PC via the serial port and play them. Alas I have had no further luck with the floppy disk interface, trying three different floppy drives and a handful of floppy disks.

I've spent almost nothing on the MegaDrive collection as I'm not really very interested in playing the console itself. However, my collection includes...


The Dreamcast is probably the console that gets played the most, due mainly to the fact that it has some pretty awesome multi-player games, my favourites including Gauntlet Legends, Soul Calibur, Daytona USA, Virtua Tennis, Bomberman (Online), Chu Chu Rocket, PowerStone 2, and Looney Tunes Space Race. Other favourites include Namco Museum, Ms Pacman, Frogger, Ikaruga and of course Crazy Taxi 2.

As I mentioned above, I really want to do some development on the DC some day. I've got all the tools (KOS etc) and have gone as far as building some demos I downloaded from the net and run on the DC via the BBA, so I know it all works. Unfortunately, just about every emulator has been done for the DC, so I'm not sure what to attempt. Perhaps a TRS-80 emulator? Not much chance of anyone else bothering with that...

I must admit, I got a bit carried away when I started collecting Dreamcast equipment. A lot of stuff was available for this unit and a lot of it seemed to be dumped on the market as the DC started to fade away. I grabbed what I could (2 of each of a lot of it) before it disappeared and became too expensive.