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(In chronological order of attainment)

Name Harness Orientation Notes
Xevios 22?-way V 100%  working. Bootleg of Xevious (which just so happens to be the best arcade game ever written).
Street Fight JAMMA H 100%  working. Clone of Empire City 1931. I wrote my 1st MAME driver for this Z80-based game (which I think really sucks).
P.O.W. JAMMA H 100%  working.
Raiden Fighters JAMMA V 100%  working. Got it with my upright cabinet for AUD$250 - an absolute bargain at auction (thanks James!)
1942 Capcom V Untested (supposedly working - really should build that JAMMA harness!)
Frogger 18?-way V Works but flakey. Have a JAMMA harness. Need to fix.
Namco Classics Vol 1 JAMMA V 100%  working. This was expensive but well worth it. I wrote my 2nd MAME driver for this 68K-based game.
1943 JAMMA V Works but no sound. IIRC it needs a (new?) amplifier.
Juno First ? V Had corrupt graphics which I fixed by patching the MAME driver to simulate faulty RAM until it looked the same as my PCB. Replaced the 4116 RAM chip at fault. Now it has a similar problem with the sprites. Yet to look at it.
Kung Fu Master ? H Has corrupt graphics.

Neo Geo MV-1AX

  • Fatal Fury

NeoGeo H DTACK# not being generated on the motherboard - tie it low and it works. Traced as far as a PAL but there's scarce information on this beast.
Galaga ? V Incomplete
Galaxian ? V Incomplete
Space Invaders ? V Incomplete
Pacman ? V Incomplete
Q*Bert ? ? Incomplete
Sand Scorpion JAMMA V 100% working.
Magic Sword JAMMA H Has corrupt sprites and some roll-over.
Vulgus Capcom V 100% working.
1942 Capcom V (On loan) corrupt sprites and graphics. Currently trying to fix.
1942 Capcom V (On loan) corrupt graphics. Currently trying to fix.
Slap Fight JAMMA V Original Taito board. Does not appear to work.
QIX Unique V Untested.

* Technically, some of these games are owned / jointly-owned by my good friend James.

Wish List (in order)

  1. Xevious (Atari/Namco PCB)
  2. Pacman
  3. Donkey Kong
  4. Defender
  5. Gyruss
  6. Star Force
  7. Joust
  8. Flicky

Dream Gamesroom

It is with much envy that I have drooled over the many games rooms that people on the net have so proudly photographed on their homepages. Whilst I don't yet have the means or the space to set up my own games room, I can at least dream about it. Here's what would take pride of place in my ideal games room:

Of course, there's also the well-stocked bar, the 3/4-size billiard table and the large plasma television which is not only useful for watching sports but also playing my NES, SNES, N64 and Dreamcast consoles.