How it all started

For most 'computer nerds' of my generation there was one, and only one, computer of any consequence in the eighties. Any other computer was merely a curiosity; a computer owned by a friend-of-a-friend and despite claims of superior graphics or better games, we quietly knew that we owned the 'best' computer.

For me, that computer was the TRS-80. From the Level 1, 4K Model I my father brought home from Tandy around the time I started high school, to the all-nighters writing uni assignments in RS-COBOL on my very own Model 4P, I lived and breathed TRS-80.

Back then there were a few different magazines devoted to the TRS-80. So when I wasn't actually hunched over the keyboard I could be found hunched over the latest issue of Micro-80, thumbing through the 200+ pages of articles and (perhaps more importantly) advertisements, drooling over the screenshots of newly-released games. Otherwise, I was either playing games, or hacking about in assembler.

A TRS-80 Model III in the (absolutely awful) 1994 Movie Double Dragon.