This list of my reviews is no longer complete because it was becoming unwieldy. It now lists only those reviews which I have uploaded to this site or its newer companion, Green Path, plus a few which I may yet decide to add. They are mostly of books I particularly liked, especially if they happen to be Australian and therefore less likely to be reviewed elsewhere. Anyone interested in what else I have been reading can find the full list here.

The reviews in the first, bigger, group were published in The Bulletin, Townsville, on the dates given. The rest, at the bottom of the page, appeared in other publications or only on this site. Titles or book covers link you to re-edited copies of the reviews.

Smith: Dick Smith's Population Crisis (6 August 2011)
McRae: Tribal Science (18 June 2011)
Woodford: The Great Barrier Reef (23 April 2011)

Rothwell: Journeys to the Interior (March 2010)
Morgan and McCrystal: Poles Apart (January 2010)
Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth (December 2009)

Gleitzman: Grace (September 2009)
Gemmell: The Book of Rapture (July 2009)
Braungart & McDonough: Cradle to Cradle (April 2009)
[Penguin]: Composting (March 2009)
Kelly: Spiders - learning to love them (7 March 2009)
Stanisic: How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone (November 2008)


Gaiman/Russell: Coraline (October 2008)
Buckman: Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles (August 2008)
James: The Selfish Capitalist (July 2008)
Rushdie: The Enchantress of Florence (May 2008)
Heller: Whale Warriors (22 March 2008)

Rabalais: The Landscape of Desire (May 2008)
Winterson: The Stone Gods (January 2008)
Sacks: Musicophilia (December 2007)
Williams: Future Perfect (October 2007)
Crocombe: A Lighter Footprint (October 2007)

cover of Live Forever
cover of 365 Ways

Abidi: Passarola Rising (July 2007)
Kriwaczek: An Incomplete History of the Art of Funerary Violin (May 2007)
Appleyard: How to Live Forever or Die Trying (May 2007)
Gruen: Water for Elephants (Dec 2006)
Norton: 365 Ways to Change the World (Oct 2006)

cover of Candle Life
cover of Water for Elephants

Armanno: Candle Life (July 2006)
Perez-Reverte: Purity of Blood (April 2006)
Browne: Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn (March 2006)
Miller: Prochownik's Dream (Jan 2006)
Jackson: Ten Sorry Tales (Dec 2005)

cover of River of Gods
cover of Prochownik's Dream

Mosley: Little Scarlet (Sept 2005)
McDonald: River of Gods (July 2005)
Griffith Review 6: Our Global Face (Feb 2005)
Burge: Heloise & Abelard (Dec 2004)
Rankin: Fleshmarket Close (Nov 2004)

Published elsewhere since the beginning of 2005:

Gore: Our Choice on this site, October 2010
Walker: Mantras & Misdemeanors on this site, April 2008
Lane: God - The Interview on this site, Sept 2005
Wynhausen: Dirt Cheap on this site, July 2005

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