Cootamundra Music

About Cootamundra

Cootamundra Music was established by Malcolm Tattersall in 1982, primarily to publish and sell his own music. For the next fifteen years it was part of a co-operative arrangement with other self-published Australasian composers for recorder but Malcolm's move from Melbourne to Townsville made this impractical and Cootamundra became a single-composer publisher again in 1998. Malcolm's debut CD appeared under the Cootamundra name in 2002 and some of his arrangements for woodwind ensemble or junior concert band were added in 2003.


Resources for Recorder Players and Teachers

All of the other composers whose work was available through Cootamundra Music are still active in one way or another:

Malcolm Tattersall Home: CD reviews, book reviews and more, including these articles:

The North Qld Recorder Society home page was hosted on this site until 2103 but is now here. The old site is still here. It has not been kept current (and won't be) but may be useful for historical information.

Why 'Cootamundra'?

Cootamundra wattle is a small tree native to south-eastern Australia. It has attractive grey-green feathery foliage year round and is covered by masses of small round flowers in late winter. It is hardy and prolific, to the point of being regarded as a weed in some areas. For more botanical detail, see

cootamundra wattle picture detail