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NQRS Newsletter November 2004


End of Year Get-Together

5th December, 2004

2:00 - 4:30 P.M., Staffroom and Chapel, Marian School, Currajong

(Turn left from Hugh St. into the school and around the music block to the Staffroom. The Marian school is diagonally opposite the Ambulance station.)

Program for this event will be a concert from Calliope and various other members before afternoon tea, and group playing after tea. We will concentrate on a Christmas theme so if you have any decorations for those recorders, it would be good to see them.

Anyone or any group wishing to perform their favourite pieces bring along your music. Parents wishing to stay for the concert are welcome.

Bring along the usual gold coin and a plate of goodies for afternoon tea. Don’t forget your music stands and recorders.


There is still time to register for

STEPS IN TIME, 'Dance, Movement and the Recorder,' ARMIDALE, NSW, 15-22 January 2005

This is a residential festival which includes workshops and classes, concerts and performances for all ages. It is being organised by Zana Clarke (Paluma tutor in 2003) and Caroline Downer, and will feature the top teachers (including Malcolm!) and players from Australia and overseas.For more information come to the Playday, contact the NQRS committee or contact 1800 772224

Remembering PALUMA

16-18 JULY, 2004

The Paluma weekend workshop was very successful as I’m sure those who attended will verify. The workshop involves inviting a tutor who is a performer, composer or teacher of the recorder, to conduct sessions with groups of players from beginner to advanced ability.

Rod Waterman (our tutor for 2004) is a marvellous teacher and performer. He gave a presentation showing the use of recorder in some music that we had never dreamed of, e.g. The Beatles, “Fool on the Hill” with Paul McCartney playing soprano recorder and Jimmy Hendrix, “If 6 was 9” playing  soprano recorder.

The Saturday night entertainment was fun with everyone trying to name music from around the world to match the theme of the weekend.

Then we got into some dancing with Rod playing the guitar. Have you done the Limbo Rock recently???? That is, with a bass recorder as the bar?! We, at Paluma, have!

The days’ sessions were great with everyone being made to concentrate to their utmost and then producing music that sounded rather good much to our surprise.

Thanks very much to Rod for a very informative and fun weekend. 

Coming Next Year

Elizabethan Fair - May 15 in conjunction with Tropic Sun production of Shakespeare. NQRS members will perform and present workshops.

Recorder Workshop (NQRS) weekend - July or August. Date to be confirmed as is the tutor.  Enjoyment  guaranteed, location probably at the Guide Camp, Bluewater.

NQRS Subscriptions

Family $20, Single $12, Students $10, School $25.


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