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NQRS Newsletter

March 2005

Sunday Get-together

6th March 2005, 2:00 - 4:30 PM

Rainbow Ark, Marian School, Currajong. (Turn left from Hugh St. into the school and around the music block to the teacher’s room. The Marian school is diagonally opposite the Ambulance station.)

The Theme for this Sunday is Folksongs and the colour is green because St. Patrick's Day will be upon us soon. Can you see the Irish logic there!! We will have small groups performing at first and then everyone playing together.

Anyone or any group wishing to perform their favourite folksongs bring along your music. Parents wishing to stay for the concert are welcome.

Bring along the usual gold coin and a plate of green goodies (or at least on a green plate) for afternoon tea. Don’t forget your music stands (preferably with green covers) and recorders.

STEPS IN TIME, ARMIDALE, NSW, 15-22 January 2005

This live-in workshop held over eight days was a really terrific event. Ask any one of the eight Townsvillians that attended. There was:

    Excellent teaching at the formal lessons.
    Marvellous concerts with excellent variety, presentation, musical ability and entertainment.
    A great selection of electives eg Baroque dancing and West African drumming in one afternoon.

The weather even obliged with big thunderstorms, cool days and hot days. The English and New Zealand contingent couldn’t get enough of the sun and would be lying outside on the lawn or in the pool at every break.

Thank you to the organisers, Zana Clarke and Caroline Downer. They and all the tutors are the ones who showcase the recorder and demonstrate its considerable abilities.


15  - 17 July 2005

Our yearly, Friday night to Sunday workshop will be held at Bluewater Guide Camp this year.

Jessica Shaw from New Zealand, has agreed to be our guest tutor. Jessica is a marvellous, bright lively person.

The theme for the workshop will be "Animals." We don't take our themes too seriously, but they spark ideas about repertoire and entertainment that might not otherwise occur to us.

Accommodation is available in dormitories with 7 bunks to a room. Camping is also permitted but all tents, bedding etc must be bought along by the participants. The grounds are large and on the edge of the Bluewater Creek with barbeque areas as well as seating dotted around the area.

There is a large kitchen area with stoves, sinks, fridges etc to do your own cooking and a communal area available for our workshops and tutoring.

More information will be available closer to the event.


Malcolm's excellent website (thanks, Pam! - mt) which includes news and information for recorder players.  NQRS updates will be posted here (like this one - mt).


Elizabethan Fair - May 15

During the week of 12 - 18 May, a Shakespeare Festival is being held in Townsville to coincide with Tropic Sun's production of Henry IV.

The NQRS has offered to have a stall at the Queens Gardens for the Sunday event. We will be showcasing recorders (in print, not the real thing!!) and music from this period.

We will also be offering lessons for an adult group to start the week after the event. If you know anyone interested in learning or improving their ability on all size recorders, please pass on this information.


NQRS Subscriptions: Family $20, Single $12, Students $10, School $25.


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