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North Queensland Recorder Society Inc.

Ruth Wilkinson leads members at Paluma

Ruth Wilkinson leads NQRS members at the Paluma workshop in 2007

Important announcement

This version of the NQRS site has been superseded by new pages at http://nqrs.org.au/ and no content has been added since early 2013. Old content was tidied up somewhat in November 2013 and subsequently, and will remain here for reference as long as convenient.

About the Society

The North Queensland Recorder Society was established in 1995 to bring together all recorder players in the Townsville and wider North Queensland region for skills development (through workshops, etc) and social playing.

Its large-group activities have settled into a pattern of about four 'Playdays' - themed Sunday afternoon playing sessions - each year plus an annual weekend workshop with an out-of-town tutor. Guest tutors for the workshops have included Zana Clarke, Genevieve Lacey, Peter Madge, Jessica Shaw, Rodney Waterman and Ruth Wilkinson.

The society also encourages formation of amateur consorts, maintains a library of recorder music, and produces a newsletter. Individual members of the Society appear with performing groups which feature recorders.


Newsletters were added to the site from 2005 to 2013. They are all now on the new site at https://nqrs.org.au/pages/newsletter.php (you will need to scroll down).

Major Events 2010 - 2012

A non-residential weekend workshop with Alana Blackburn and local tutors at the end of May 2012; some photos are here.

Annual weekend workshop with Barbara Jerjen, May 20-22, 2011.

Our annual weekend workshop in May 2010 featured Rodney Waterman (Melbourne) as guest tutor; some photos are here and here.

Committee and Contacts