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NQRS Residential Workshop 2006

Friday  15th  – Sunday 17th September, 2006 at “Gumburu”, Paluma

Registration Form

- save, print and post -

Name (Age if under 18)

Accommodation at Gumburu (Fully Catered)
$100 - both days
$60 - one day

$50 - both days
$30 - one day
Under 18:
$20 - both days
$10 - one day

Recorders played and approximate skill level Total Cost
George Telemann (15)
$100 $20 Descant - Advanced,
Treble - Intermediate









      Total cost  

Optional: I/we _______________________ would like to participate in the master class

as an     Individual Player / Ensemble     (please circle one).

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Phone:     _______________              Email:  _________________________________

Do you have any dietary needs or food allergies? ______________________________

Full payment is due by the 1st of September, although late registrations may be accepted if space permits. Please make cheques payable to North Queensland Recorder Society.
Please send your Registration Form with $40 deposit per person or full payment to Glenda Tattersall, 9 Water St, Mundingburra, Qld 4812.

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