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North Queensland Recorder Society Newsletter
December 2009

Christmas Busking

Once again the NQRS is planning a busking morning in Cotters Market, with proceeds to go to charity.  The day is Sunday 20th December.  This year there are no set booked sites for buskers but Heather is planning to get there early and choose a site at the western end of the mall, as near as possible to last year’s site.  Players should turn up about 9.30.

If you would like to practice the music for the session, there will be a rehearsal from 3.30 on the day before (Saturday 19) at Heather’s Kumon office, Unit 2/55 Fulham Road (next door to Pimlico High School). 

The busking sessions have been very successful in previous years, as well as lots of fun, so do come along.

Review of a Recorder Recording

Café music from Vienna - music by Romantic composers arranged for recorder (Petri) and guitar (Lars Hannibal). The reviewer obviously enjoyed it a great deal.  Check out the review with bits to listen to at http://www.mvdaily.com/articles/2009/11/vienna.htm

Playdays for 2010

These are the dates we expect to hold playdays next year:

Make a note in your new diaries and watch this newsletter for more details.

Orpheus Music

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