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NQRS Newsletter January 2008

Happy New Year

...to everyone, and a special welcome to new members.

Christmas Carols and busking

A group of ten NQRS members led by Kate Saunders had an enjoyable afternoon of carol-playing in mid December, followed by a Sunday morning of busking at Cotters Market. Thank you to all involved. Funds raised were donated to The Smith Family.

2008 Play Days

The next Playday will be on February 24th at the Marian School. Other Playdays for the year will probably be at the Riverside Community Centre. The dates are April 20th, July 27th and November 2nd. Put them in your new diary! Now!

2008 Residential Weekend

The 2007 weekend at Paluma was so successful that the 2008 one will be bigger and we hope even better. We have a grant to cover the major costs (thank you, Thuringowa City Council).

It will be May 16th to 18th and again led by Ruth Wilkinson. This year, as well as the usual events, there will be school workshops, (Monday 19th, 12-3pm, Riverway) and Ruth will be joined by the Telemann Ensemble to give a concert (Tuesday 20th, 8pm, Riverway). This might also include items from the Paluma workshop and/or the school workshops. More details soon.

The Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland and RADF Thuringowa, has generously provided $5000 to North Queensland Recorder Society for this recorder and early music workshop.

2008 Committee

This committee was re-elected at the November 2007 AGM:

President: Margaret Caley
Vice President: Heather Coleman
Treasurer: Lyn Saunders
Secretary: Jean Dartnall

Contact details are on the NQRS home page.

Some issues for discussion

At the AGM in November a few issues were raised by members of the committee that might affect future directions for the Society. The committee is keen to hear opinions from members about these matters. Please contact any committee member with your views about all or any of these:

(1) Issues from the President’s report

Would it be better to have some, or all, play days on Saturday rather than Sunday? (We have tentative bookings for Sundays for this year so this would be for 2009 planning.) Whatever day we choose is going to clash with some other events, of course, but Saturday would avoid clashes with Barrier Reef Orchestra events and rehearsals and might make it easier for out of town members to attend. Any opinions?

Should we change the name of the Society to ‘Recorder and Early Music Society, North Queensland’? We had some very successful interactions with string players during 2007 and this might be an area of potential expansion. The proposed new name would reflect a broader range of interests and might make it easier to promote our activities.

(2) Issues from the newsletter editor’s report

How can we ensure that everyone receives their newsletters when many computers are now loaded with guardian or anti-spam software that rejects bulk emails? Possibly the only way is for all members to have the newsletter editor’s address saved as a contact. Does anyone have other experience with this? (Remember that you can check all newsletters on the Society’s website – still kindly run for us by Malcolm Tattersall. We do also offer to post the newsletter although we prefer to use email because it is cheaper)

Should we make the newsletter simpler in format? The more complex the format, the more likely that details will be lost in translation by various software. However, would a plain black and white version with minimum formatting be too boring? Any opinions?


If you would like anything relating to recorders or early music included in these newsletters, please get in touch with the editor, jeandartnall@gmail.com

News and Notices

...are now all on the NQRS Home Page instead of in this Web version of the Newsletter.

Created Jan 7, 2008
modified Jam 21, 2008