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North Queensland Recorder Society Newsletter February 2010

Next Playday

The next playday will be on Sunday February 14th at St Joseph’s School, 65 Ross River Road, Mundingburra, 2.00 – 4.30. The leader will be Sister Valerie Huston and the theme is 'Travel through Time'. Valerie will be taking us on a journey through the centuries during which recorders have been played and enjoyed.

Please being music stands, instruments, something to share for afternoon tea, and a gold coin to help cover our expenses.

The 2010 membership year starts from this meeting so this is a good time to pay your fee (Membership fees: $12 (Single), $20 (Family), $10 (concession)). Let us know if this presents any problem.

Christmas Busking

On Sunday 20th of December a group of recorder society members played at the Cotters Market. Our Christmas carols were very well received by the passers-by and we were able to make a donation of $103.95 to charity, The Smith Family. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Note in your diary

Remember that the April playday is on April 18th. We are planning to repeat a successful activity we undertook a few years ago with a meeting at the Heritage Tearooms on Hervey Range and a theme of Australian bush songs.

Recorder classes for adults

Recorder ensemble and lessons Wednesday evenings:

Term one classes begin Wednesday 10th February. The venue is Unit 2, 55 Fulham Road (next to Pimlico High School). If you are interested, please contact Heather on 4778 8275 or  at hc4816@bigpond.net.au for further details. If you know someone else who might be interested please pass on this information.

Rod Waterman on Youtube

Malcolm Tattersall draws our attention to the following videos from the Eltham Jazz and Blues Heritage Festival 2009.

Song of Reconciliation
O ôvo
Ade Monsbourgh 3 Ragtime pieces

This is what we can look forward to - Rod will be here in May for our workshop weekend and a concert.

North Queensland Recorder Society

President – Heather Coleman
Vice President – Lynn Saunders
Treasurer – John Batterham
Secretary – Jean Dartnall

Contact us on jeandartnall@gmail.com or hc4816@bigpond.net.au.

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Created Feb 2, 2010