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NQRS Paluma Newsletter April 2007

Play Day

The next play day will be on April 29th, 2.00 to 5.00 pm at St Joseph’s School, Ross River Road, Mundingburra (park between the church and the school).

The theme will be Heavenly Sounds. (For much of the period when recorder music was being written and played avidly, Christianity was a significant source of inspiration and patronage so whatever our personal beliefs this is inevitably a strong theme in our playing.) The musical directors will be your president and vice-president, Margaret and Heather. Musicians on strings will also be there.

Please bring your recorders, music stands, a gold coin to help cover expenses and something to share for afternoon tea. Bring along any recorder-playing friends too and if you membership has lapsed, please bring your membership dues.

Paluma Residential Workshop

Planning is well under way for the NQRS annual residential camp in Paluma, which will be held from May 25th -27th this year. I'm sure everyone who attended the 'Water'  play day will agree that the combination of recorders, strings and harpsichord was a most uplifting musical experience.
By inviting guest tutor Ruth Wilkinson, a renowned performer on both recorder and viola da gamba, along with local tutors Malcolm Tattersall, Margaret Caley and Valerie Huston, we hope to attract players of a variety of instruments to Paluma. The theme of 'Olde English Music' gives us heaps of great consort music, theatre music (Purcell etc), dance music, etc. to play, and there's a chance we may be able to play it all again at the Olde English Fair (June 24th).

The workshop will be held at Gumburu May 25th – 27th. If you haven’t received information and registration forms, please contact one of the committee or read them here. Get your registration fees in as soon as possible.


The NQRS will be putting on a display of instruments, music, and photos in the Knowledge Centre City Library, Townsville, from Monday 30th April until Monday 14th May. If anyone is able to assist by lending instruments, organizing photos, creating labels, etc., please contact Margaret on 4725 8913. It would be good to display all sizes of recorder (Margaret can supply descant, alto, bass), and also other historical instruments. Instruments will be in a locked glass cabinet.

June meeting

This will be in association with the Olde English Fair in Queens Gardens on June 24th. More details in the next newsletter.

August meeting

Sunday afternoon, August 19th - The NQRS has booked a 'World music for recorders' workshop with Linsey Pollack, Riverway Arts Centre, Thuringowa. Linsey will be Artist in Residence at the Riverway from August 17th – 26th, as part of 'Forty days in the Tropics', organized by the Music Centre North Queensland. He will be giving a solo recital, and directing a variety of workshops in community music, inventing ones own instruments, world music, composing, and technology in performance, with a final performance by workshop participants on Sunday 26th.


Are you a financial member? Benefits of membership include:

Membership fees: $12 (Single), $20 (Family), $10 (concession)

Your membership fees are used by the society to purchase additional music for the library, to send out regular newsletters, and to save towards a great bass recorder. We try to keep the fees low, and are probably the least expensive recorder or early music society in Australia. Please check with Lynn if you think your membership may be due for renewal. If you might have a problem paying membership fees, please talk to one of the committee.

Interesting things

Early Music Workshop

NQRS members may be interested in Early Music workshops by Mara and Llew Kiek, at  the Old Magistrate’s Courthouse (30/7 – 5/8) Tuesday to Friday, late afternoon/evenings – vocal workshops and collaborations, with an emphasis on Early Music repertoire from France, Spain and Italy. Instrumentalists will develop skills in Early Music performance and accompanying singers. The group will also compose a piece for performance at the final concert, Sunday 2pm. This workshop is organized by the Music Centre North Queensland.

Armidale workshop

Orpheus Music will be holding an Early Chamber Music Summer School from 7-12 January 2008 in Armidale. The Orpheus Music Early Chamber Summer School offers a 6 day programme with focused study on all aspects of Baroque performance including instrumental techniques, small chamber ensembles, plenary and master classes and Baroque Orchestra, historical performance practice and interpretation.

The School is open to intermediate and advanced players of violin, viola, cello, double bass, recorder, flute, oboe, bassoon, piano, guitar and early music instruments including lute, gamba and harpsichord. Modern instruments are welcome, as are early instruments. We will, however, make every effort to place less experienced players in groups when and if possible. Existing Ensembles/Consorts welcome. Enrolment numbers will be a maximum of 60 to provide the necessary intimate settings in which to learn, enjoy and participate, and in order to maximise skills and resource development. There is no restriction on age but it is aimed at adult and youth players, rather than children.

To register in chamber music, you must possess good technique and sight reading ability and have had some experience playing chamber music (wind players and pianists should be advanced; string players should be intermediate or advanced). Please register your interest at orpheus@orpheusmusic.com.au to receive a brochure and application form in the next couple of months.

Local Recorder Teachers

Heather Coleman is again running classes for adults this year. Contact her on 4778 8275 for information
Malcolm Tattersall, group or individual tuition. Contact 4725 6937.

Retailers and Publishers specialising in recorder music

Cootamundra Music, Townsville, ph 4725 6937

Orpheus Music

Created April 10, 2007