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NQRS Newsletter April 2008

Next Play Day

The next play day will be on Sunday, April 20th, at the Riverside Gardens Community Centre, Riverside Boulevard, Douglas, 2.00 – 4.30. (Please don’t confuse this with the various Riverway facilities. Riverside Gardens is on the University side of the river.)

The theme is “Five Centuries of Music”. This will also be the theme for the Paluma weekend and we have the chance to practice some of the music for that event in advance.

Please bring recorders or other instruments, music stands, and something to share for afternoon tea. Cost is $1 for NQRS members, $2 for others.

From the President

We have a very exciting series of concerts and workshops coming up in May. With the support of an RADF grant we are forging ahead with an expanded Paluma weekend – in addition to the Residential Workshop weekend (16-18th May), there will be a Youth Recorder Workshop with Ruth Wilkinson (19th May), and a concert by the Telemann Ensemble & Friends (20th May). A related musical event is the Twilight Concert by baroque cellist Louise King on 15th May, presented by the Music Centre North Qld.

Thank you to all those who have sent in feedback on the issues raised in the last newsletter. Everyone seemed happy with the Sunday Playdays, so we have kept them unchanged.

The issue of the name of the Society needs a bit more thought and input, with suggestions being 'Recorder & Early Music Society North Qld', 'Recorder & Companion Instruments Society', 'North Qld Recorder & Early Music Society'. In the meantime, the official name remains as is, but in view of the fact that we want to attract players of other instruments as well as the recorder to our May weekend and concert with Ruth, in publicity and media releases the committee will use the name 'North Qld Recorder & Early Music Society'.

I look forward to your company at these events,

- Margaret Caley

2008 Residential Weekend

The 2007 weekend at Paluma was so successful that the 2008 one will be bigger and we hope even better. We have a grant to cover the major costs (thank you, Thuringowa City Council).

It will be May 16th to 18th and again led by Ruth Wilkinson. This year, as well as the usual events, there will be school workshops, (Monday 19th, 12-3pm, Riverway) and Ruth will be joined by the Telemann Ensemble to give a concert (Tuesday 20th, 8pm, Riverway). This might also include items from the Paluma workshop and/or the school workshops. More details soon.

The Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland, has generously provided $5000 to North Queensland Recorder Society for this recorder and early music workshop.

Finding out about the Paluma weekend

Click here to download brochure and registration form.

Library Display

NQRS instruments, CDs, and music are on display in the Knowledge Centre City Library, Northtown, until April 21st. Tell your friends, drop in to have a look.


If you would like anything relating to recorders or early music included in these newsletters, please get in touch with the editor, jeandartnall@gmail.com

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Created April 7, 2008