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NQRS Paluma Newsletter June 2007

June Play Day

This will be in association with the Olde English Fair in Queens Gardens from 12-4pm on June 24th.  We will have a tent and display area where we can provide information and play recorder at any time during the afternoon.  We will also have two sessions on centre stage to play and dance.

The music Patricia Andrews has chosen for this is the Horses Brawl and the Washerwoman’s Brawl.  Most of us will have played this music in Paluma, and the format is that of a dance workshop with accompaniment by NQRS members, rather than a concert performance. You can get copies of the music in advance from your President Margaret Caley or buy it from Print Music (Musikit Recorder 2B: The First Five Hundred Years, Ensemble Book, RRP 19.95).  Contact Margaret about this or any other aspect of the Fair, including suggestions for do-it-yourself costumes, on 4725 8913 or by email.

Paluma Residential Workshop

The Paluma weekend was a great success, well attended and enjoyed by all. In her quiet way Ruth seemed to weave a magic that left everyone better players at the end of the weekend. Her Saturday evening performance of Magpies by Ros Bandt suited Gumburu perfectly, with its imitations of bird calls throughout. People were intrigued by her demonstration of the viol da gamba. Valerie’s warm-ups helped wake up our bodies and mind, and especially our ears. Unfortunately Malcolm Tattersall could not attend for the first time in the history of NQRS camps, due to ill health. However, Heather Coleman & Margaret Caley were able to fill in for the sessions which Malcolm was scheduled to teach.

The chosen repertoire suited the combined forces of recorders, strings and harpsichord well.  Finally, the food was great!

(This report is by Margaret Caley. If anyone else would like to contribute their own account of the event, please contact the editor, Jean Dartnall.)

August meeting

Sunday afternoon, August 19th - The NQRS has booked a 'World Music for Recorders' workshop with Linsey Pollack, Riverway Arts Centre, Thuringowa.

Linsey will be Artist in Residence at the Riverway from August 17th – 26th, as part of 'Forty days in the Tropics', organized by Music Centre North Queensland. He will be giving a solo recital, and directing a variety of workshops in community music, inventing one's own instruments, world music, composing, and technology in performance, with a final performance by workshop participants on Sunday 26th.

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Created June 12, 2007