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North Queensland Recorder Society Newsletter July 2009

Next Play Day

The next play day will be on Sunday August 16th, at the Riverside Community Centre, Riverside Boulevard, Douglas (NOT Riverway but on the other side of the river!) from 2.00 – 4.30.  The playday leader will be Malcolm Tattersall and this is what he says about it:

Around the World in Eighty Minutes

Our library is full of exotic music - from China, Italy, South America, and everywhere between - and at our August Playday we will flit around the world discovering what it all sounds like. One item will be 'On the Street a Fiddle Plays' which many of us heard the children play in Sacred Heart Cathedral after their workshop with Robyn Mellor.

We know many school ensembles are preparing for the Eisteddfod at this time of year. They are warmly invited to come and play for a friendly audience - and play with the audience, too.

Please bring music stands, recorders, something to share for afternoon tea, and a gold coin towards expenses. 

Residential Weekend in Ingham June 12th – 14th

This was a great success and I am sure everyone who attended will have their own highlights to remember. One highlight we must all have shared was the arrival of the long awaited Great Bass. The enthusiasm of people to admire it and play it helps to confirm the decision of various committees over the last few years to make this purchase an objective.

Some photos from the weekend are on this site at http://members.iinet.net.au/~mtattersall/NQRS/Noorla_Pics09_index.html

Music Centre North Queensland promoting local musicians

The Music Centre North Queensland has recently put a lot of local music on its new site, available as streaming audio or pay-for-download. The project is, as it was intended to be, a great promotional tool for both the Centre and for local musicians.

Malcolm Tattersall and groups that he is associated with have contributed most of the 'classical' content so far. 'Music for Reflection' features, of course, but there is one other solo item and the Telemann Ensemble tracks are from the demo, ‘Tapestry’ that they put together last year. Please take a look - and click through 'our music' to the individual tracks:

Most of the other artists are bluesy singer-songwriters but there is a reasonable spread of styles from the ‘Poms from Oz’ to jazz and world music - something for most tastes.

There are now also some short video clips of past concerts, including those which include recorders and early music specialists: the Telemann Ensemble, Louise King, and Lucinda Moon.

The link is http://www.musiccentrenq.net/index.php?t=browse_past_events&o=2&p=2

Great Bass

The great bass is presently living in the Tattersall household but we are keen for a number of people to learn to play it.  Malcolm suggests that people could practice music for it on the tenor (playing from the bass clef) if they don’t initially want to have the great bass at home.  Maybe teachers might like to use the great bass as a feature of interest for their classes?

Classes for adults

Classes for adults are offered by Heather Coleman on Wednesday evenings. One class is for beginners and the other is guided ensemble playing. Society members and friends are very welcome. Please pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested.

Contact: Heather 4778 8275 or email at hc4816@bigpond.net.au.

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New at Orpheus

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Created July 23, 2009