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North Queensland Recorder Society Newsletter September 2010

Next Play Day

The next Play day will be on Sunday October 17th in the Music Room of St Joseph's School, 65 Ross River Road, Mundingburra, 2.00 – 4.15. Heather Coleman will be the leader and her theme is Let's Celebrate! School groups are invited to attend and perform, and everyone will join in playing favourite pieces from the year's activities.

Annual General Meeting

The play day will be followed by the AGM. The main items for consideration at this meeting are election of a new committee, 2012 Residential Weekend and the idea of incorporating the Society. Our Treasurer, John Batterham has prepared some background on incorporation and more information will be available at the meeting. Please contact Jean or Heather (see below) for John's discussion paper on incorporation and/or the minutes of the last AGM.

Please note that you will not be able to vote at the AGM if you are not a financial member. This is a problem that could be rectified before the AGM starts!

Recorders 2015

Have you heard about the plans for a major recorder event in Melbourne in 2015? (I included an item about it in the newsletter a few months ago.) Malcolm has now forwarded to me this note inviting expressions of interest:

Even though 2015 is as long way off, the organisers are keen to get expressions of interest from as many people as possible via an on-line survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/recorders2015_August2010. There is also a short page about Recorders 2015 on the Victorian Recorder Guild’s web site here. Please follow these links for more information and to get involved.

David Lawrence Workshop

Report by Lyn Saunders, with photos by Valerie Huston

David had put much thought into his workshop with our little group. To get our brains working he gave us a warm-up piece that we then had to play backwards. We did some other little challenges to test the water then he asked us to get together in small groups and come up with an improvisation on Scarborough Fair. It was interesting to see how participants dipped into ideas from previous workshops. Over the weekend he asked the same of the choir and put it all together with some ideas of his own for the performance on Sunday afternoon.

On Friday evening we attempted Laudemus te from Gloria by Vivaldi. It was a bit daunting for some, but David was keen to inflict one of the solo parts on himself so we promised to do some homework over the weekend. It was exhilarating to manage the piece on Sunday afternoon and David told people he thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

David was a bit busy sharing solo duties with Wade and conducting as well.

The soloists and part of the orchestra: Julia, Glenda, Malcolm and Patricia.

Heather, Lyn, Dana and Pam.

Orpheus Music

Orpheus Music writes to me,

I know you have been thinking about coming to THE RECORDER COURSE ....
Things can be so busy....
BUT it is not too late...
 ... there is still a place for you.
Why not spoil yourself to a week of wonderful music making and good company from16-21 January 2011?


For enrolment forms and further information please contact
Orpheus Music, PO BOX 1363, Armidale, NSW 2350. Phone 02 6772 2205 zana@orpheusmusic.com.au www.orpheusmusic.com.au

(Orpheus Music is a paying advertiser in our newsletter.)

Recorder classes for adults

Heather Coleman's recorder ensemble and lessons on Wednesday evenings will continue in Term 4:

Contact North Queensland Recorder Society: jeandartnall@gmail.com or hc4816@bigpond.net.au.

Newsletter compiled by Jean Dartnall

Page created Sept 28, 2010