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Site Map (this is it).
Contact information for Malcolm Tattersall.
Home (introduction to the site, and news of recent additions and changes).
Recorder and Early Music Links, with a couple of more general musical links.

Cootamundra Music

About Cootamundra Music (aka Cootamundra Music Home)



Audio samples in mp3 format, which relate to Cootamundra Music and the performing groups listed under Townsville below: extracts from Moreton Bay (230 KB), Alien Landscape II (210 KB) and Ikaho (330 KB), on their own pages.

Malcolm Tattersall

Biography, which links to:

Miscellaneous Articles

Noise exposure and hearing impairment of music teachers:
, Defining the Problem, Teaching Strategies for Reducing Noise Exposure, Approximating Noise Exposure, Early Warning Signs, Hearing Protection, Hearing Loss, Noise Exposure and the Law and Links (i.e. references for all the preceding).

My review of Rowland-Jones' Playing Recorder Sonatas.
My survey of single-volume reference books for recorder players.
Making the Most of Recorders in Schools, an introductory article for music teachers.
Does it Matter What It's Made Of? How do materials affect the sound of woodwind instruments?
About the Lee flute (1840) and the piccolo I got at the same time: Part 1 and Part 2.

List of CD reviews for Music & Vision with links to individual reviews on M&V's site.

** Book reviews are gradually moving to my newer site. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try **

List of general book reviews with links to individual reviews:

Individual book reviews on their own pages:
Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn
, Prochownik's Dream, Purity of Blood,
Ten Sorry Tales
, Little Scarlet, River of Gods,
Fleshmarket Close
, Heloise & Abelard, Our Global Face,
God: The Interview
, Dirt Cheap, Candle Life,
Water for Elephants
, How to Live Forever or Die Trying, Passarola Rising,
Mantras & Misdemeanors
, The Stone Gods, Tasmania's Wilderness Battles,
The Landscape of Desire
, The Selfish Capitalist, Coraline,
How the Soldier Repaired the Gramophone, The Book of Rapture,
Grace, Poles Apart, The Greatest Show on Earth.

A group of three related reviews on one page:
365 Ways to Change the World
, A Lighter Footprint and Future Perfect.
A pair of related reviews on another shared page:
Composting and Cradle to Cradle.


Introducing Townsville - the physical setting and the arts scene. Includes a location map and a collection of Townsville Arts Links.


Townsville Ensembles with Recorders:

The Elizabethan Fair 2005: photos of the Telemann Ensemble and the Early Dance Consort in performance in Townsville (160 KB).
Steps In Time (national recorder festival, Armidale, 2005) - page of thumbnails (about 250 KB altogether) with links to individual photos on their own pages.

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North Queensland Recorder Society

The NQRS section of this site was replaced by a completely new site,, in 2013. The old files (pre-2013) are still on this site for archival purposes - please go to their Home page or separate Site Map.

My newer site. Home is but most of the action is on my environemental/photographic blog, Green Path, at

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