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Cootamundra Music

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Audio samples in mp3 format, which relate to Cootamundra Music and the performing groups listed under Townsville below are still here for now: extracts from Moreton Bay (230 KB), Alien Landscape II (210 KB) and Ikaho (330 KB), on their own pages.

Malcolm Tattersall (all now on my new site)

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Music Articles

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Noise exposure and hearing impairment of music teachers:
, Defining the Problem, Teaching Strategies for Reducing Noise Exposure, Approximating Noise Exposure, Early Warning Signs, Hearing Protection, Hearing Loss, Noise Exposure and the Law and Links (i.e. references for all the preceding).

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Music in Townsville

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Introducing Townsville - includes a collection of Townsville Arts Links.

Townsville Ensembles with Recorders:

The Elizabethan Fair 2005 the Telemann Ensemble and the Early Dance Consort in Townsville
Steps In Time national recorder festival, Armidale, 2005

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North Queensland Recorder Society

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