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I am a member of Broadmeadows Model Boat Group  Visit the BMBG site for more details. I attempt to record a video from on-board Argy Bargy every month. Due to space limitations only about four videos are available online.  BMBG logo Realplayer videos stream online at 240x180 resolution. Windows Media Player wmv versions can be downloaded at 640x480 resolution have the best quality. Send a request by email if you want an archived video. Use your browser search function to find content on this page.
Sailing Day Video Highlights
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Sunday 9 May 2021
Airboats starred at Cairnlea Lake on Sunday. Clockwork Orange set G-Force records while No.8 Airboat practiced skids and spins. Fine, sunny, light wind, 21C.
640x480 mp7398MB BMBG090521.mp4Clockwork Orange Airboat by John B. Kitty Cabin Cruiser by Roger B. Miss Q Cabin Cruiser by Peter D. Yacht by Mike BNo.8 Airboat by Roger B. Yacht by Don M. Argy Bargy by Murray.
Sunday 14 March 2021
Yachts enjoyed a light breeze and smooth water. Chris relaunched his recovery boat after repairing some leaks. Fine, sunny, light wind, 18C.
640x480 mp4 98MB BMBG140321.mp4Schooner by Don. Footy Yachts by Peter and Clare. Thornycroft MTB by Denis. Bella Steam Tug by Peter D. Pirana Fast Electric by Stephen. Recovery Boat by Chris. Argy Bargy by Murray.
Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Sailing resumed after a long break due to COVID
restrictions. Twenty one people and 18 boats took the opportunity to enjoy pleasant sailing on Cairnlea Lake. Fine, sunny, light wind, 26C.
640x480 mp4 125MB BMBG280221.mp4 USCG Picket Boat by John. Cote D'Emeraude Tug by Denis. White Yacht by Don. Moppie Deep-V by Denis. Bella Steam Tug by Peter. Fletcher Class Destroyer by Stephen. Captain Sturt Solar Powered Paddler by Tom. Solan Motor Launch by Don. Speed Boat by Peter. Cabin Cruiser by Peter. Argy Bargy by Murray.
Sunday 8 Dec 2019
Bright sunshine powered John P's solar powered ferry along at impressive speed creating a massive bow wave. Haig's MTB was firing on enemy agents lurking in the jungle surrounding North Corp Lake! Fine, sunny, light wind, 26C.
240x180 rm 39MB BMBG081219.rm
mp4 108MB BMBG081219.mp4
Solar ferry by John P. Allen W's Emily motor cruiser. Haig's MTB. Denis's MTB No.49.  Don's Solan motor launch. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 24 Nov 2019
John B launches his high performance Air Boat. Its modified hull and water rudder allow a 1 metre turning circle at almost any speed without fear of crash.  Fine, sunny, light wind, 23C.
240x180 rm 22MB BMBG241119.rm
mp4 70MB BMBG241119.mp4
Denis's MTB No.49. Allen W's Emily motor cruiser. John B's air boat.
Sunday 28 July 2019Michael continues sea trials of his RNLI LF-8 Lifeboat. Built entirely from balsa and sealed using fibre glass. Love the moving windscreen wipers and radar. Fine, light wind, 15C. 240x180 rm 37MB BMBG280719.rm
mp4 70MB BMBG280719.mp4
Michael's RNLI LF-8 Lifeboat. Stephen's Fletcher Class Destroyer. Tom's Rangeley steamer and PS Lady Day. Murray’s Argy Bargy. Don's Mars Pilot launch.
Sunday 9 June 2019
Stern Wheel Paddle Steamer Lady Daly was launched by Tom. Also known as SW Lady Daly, she is a model of a Murray River paddle boat. Fine, 30 km/h N wind, 17C.
240x180 rm 25MB BMBG090619.rm
mp4 103MB BMBG090619.mp4
Tom’s Bustler Steam tug and electric PS Lady Daly Stern Wheel paddler. Stephen’s navy ship. John’s USCG patrol boat. Murray’s Argy Bargy.
Sunday 12 May 2019
Crystal clear water greeted John's Type 209 submarine. Surface and submerged manoeuvres were easily observed during sea trials. Fine, no breeze, 18C.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG120519.rm
mp4 75MB BMBG120519.mp4
John's Type 209 submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 9 Dec 2018
Christmas picnic sail day saw about 20 members enjoy each other's company. Merry Christmas to all members and a happy New Year. Fine, no breeze, 22C.
240x180 rm 31MB BMBG091218.rm
mp4 86MB BMBG091218.mp4
Peter D's Bella steam tug and blue runabout. Tom's Minnie paddler and Rangeley steamer. Don's navy ship and Mars launch. Murray's Argy Bargy. Stephens navy ship.
Night Sail 7 Oct 2018
Perfect weather made for good sailing. However Clare's yacht did more paddling than sailing owing to a lack of breeze. Fine no breeze 22C.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG071018.rm
mp4 86MB BMBG071018.mp4
Clare’s yacht. Tom’s paddler. Peter’s motor launch. Murray’s Argy Bargy. Alan’s Police boat.
Sunday 22 July 2018
Clear water, sunny skies and steady Nth wind made for an excellent sail day. John's electric steam tug Wattle made an appearance complete with fake smoke. Large sails on Gordon's yacht Emma made full use of the wind. Don's new yacht sailed amongst the Dragon Force Fleet. Fine Nth wind 14C.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG220718.rm
mp4 89MB BMBG220718.mp4
John's Wattle tug. Bob's fishing trawler. Gordon's Emma yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy. Don's new white yacht. Dragon Force Fleet.
Sunday 27 May 2018Robert’s Coast Guard boat powered by twin waterjets patrols Northcorp Lake in search of lost members. Roger’s shiny new cabin cruiser Kitty looks fantastic and moves across water superbly. Gordon’s new airboat looks like a cross between a DC3 plane and a hydroplane. Fine light Nth wind 19C. 240x180 rm 24MB BMBG270518.rm
mp4 77MB BMBG270518.mp4
Gordon’s new airboat. Robert’s Coast Guard boat. Roger’s Kitty cabin cruiser. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Night Sail 1 Apr 2018 - Part 2
Don's cabin cruiser takes Barbie water skiing. Peter D's steam tug Bella puffs away despite a few setbacks. Bob's trawler casts off after dark. Mainly fine, 25C.
240x180 rm 41MB BMBG010418_Part2.rm
mp4 135MB BMBG010418_Part2.mp4
Gordon’s Griffon 200 Hovercraft and Airboat. Alan F’s Police Boat. Don's Cabin Cruiser and Mars Harbour launch. John P's USCG Patrol Boat. Peter D’s Steam Tug Bella. Murray's Argy Bargy. Bob’s Fishing Trawler.
Night Sail 1 Apr 2018 - Part 1
Argy Bargy places buoy's and removes obstacles before others arrive. Boss Drover rounds up water birds, but Gordon's Hovercraft and Airboat chase them away. Video courtesy of Michael B.
320x180 rm 42MB BMBG010418_Part1.rm
mp4 280MB
Murray's Argy Bargy and Boss Drover. Alan F’s Police Boat. Don's Cabin Cruiser and Mars Harbour launch. Gordon’s Griffon 200 Hovercraft and Airboat. John P's USCG Patrol Boat. Peter D’s Steam Tug Bella.
Sunday 10 Dec 2017Members enjoyed lots of chat over a tasty Christmas picnic lunch. Over nine boats took to the water in ideal conditions. Fine, light breeze, 26C. 240x180 rm 35MB
640x480 wmv 113MB
Vince's Navy ships. John P's USCG Patrol Boat. Tom's Sandra flash steamer and Rangely steamer. Phil's HMS Kent. Don's Navy ship and Mars Harbour Patrol Boat. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 26 Nov 2017Gordon's Schwimmwagen is an excellent piece of model engineering. It can travel over land or water and is camouflaged to confuse the enemy. Overcast, 16C. 240x180 rm 22MB
mp4 70MB
Gordon's Schwimmwagen. Roger's Patrol boat and Airboat. Video by Gordon.
Sunday 12 Nov 2017
Tom's Captain Sturt Paddler and John's ferry hull run well powered by solar photovoltaic panels. Alan F's Brutus twin engine pusher tug displays agility. Fine, sunny, 26C.
240x180 rm 27MB
mp4 87MB
Tom’s Captain Sturt Paddler. John’s ferry hull. Alan F’s Brutus pusher tug. Vince’s Navy ship. Denis’s MTB. Bob’s Hamburg Fishing Trawler. Murray’s Argy Bargy.
Night Sail 1 Oct 2017 Gordon's Iluka beam engine paddler looks a treat and smells divine thanks to incense sticks burning in the funnel. Allen B takes Nautica out for a run. Alan F's police boat is almost apprehended! Mainly fine, 16C. 240x180 rm 36MB
mp4 117MB
Gordon's Iluka beam engine paddler. Allen B's Nautica cabin cruiser. Murray's Argy Bargy. Alan F's Police boat. Don’s cabin cruiser. Murray’s Pirana fast camera boat.
Sunday 10 Sep 2017
Roger's twin engine P150 Patrol Boat undergoes sea trials. Allen W's tug looks for boats to push. Denis pursues enemy vessels with his MTB. Murray's Pirana proves Vic Smeed's claim that a 32mm 3 blade plastic prop turned at about 10,000 rpm delivers enormous thrust. Fine, 18C.
240x180 rm 32MB
mp4 104MB
Roger’s P150 Patrol Boat. Allen W’s Caitlin Tug. John P’s Fleetfoot Runabout. Denis’s MTB. Alan F’s Glenalbyn Fishing Trawler. Stephen’s Fletcher Class Navy Ship. Murray's Argy Bargy and Pirana fast camera boat.
Sunday 13 Aug 2017
Alans new catamaran verson of a Springer Tug turns on the spot using twin brushless motors
and channel mixing (no rudder). Some old steamers have a good day out. Fine 16C.
240x180 rm 32MB
mp4 103MB
Tom's Steam Outboard. Allen W's Coastal Tanker. Alan F's New Tug. John's Air Sea Rescue Boat 206. Murray's Argy Bargy. Bruce's Steam Tug. Stan's Fishing Boat.
Sunday 11th Jun 2017
Argy Bargy's Captain Blackbeard shouted "prepare to drown" as Vince's USS carpenter approached head on at full speed. Twin 750 motors made an impressive bow wave, but with only 1 rudder working she was never going to turn in time. Fortunately everything survived the high impact ram attack! Fine, puff of smoke, 16C.
240x180 rm 30MB
mp4 96MB
Rangely steamer by Tom. USS Carpenter by Vince. Argy Bargy by Murray. US Coast Guard boat by John P. Cabin cruiser by Michael. HMS Kent by Phil. Cabin cruiser by Don.
Sunday 23 Apr 2017
Alan F's 38' Halvorsen Seaplane Tender stands out against black glassy water. Murray's Boss Drover runabout makes waves. Allen W's pusher tug looks for work. Fine, puff of wind, 22C.
240x180 rm 30MB
mp4 96MB
RAAF Rescue Boat by Alan F. Pusher Tug by Allen W. Police Boat by Denis. Boss Drover Runabout by Murray. Argy Bargy by Murray. Fletcher Class Ship By Stephen. Victoria Yacht by Gordon. Navy Ship by Don.
Sunday 12 Feb 2017
Snoopy sails Murray's Marblehead yacht Renegade gracefully around Northcorp Lake. Showing experience of an old sea dog he steers clear of faster Dragon Force yachts. Fine, S-SW wind 20 km/hr, 22C.
240x180 rm 29MB
wmv 90MB
Murray's Renegade marblehead yacht and Argy Bargy camera boat. Peter and Clares Dragon Force yachts. Allen W's Dragon Force yacht. John B's Dragon Force yacht. Bob's Wee Nip yacht.
Sunday 11 Dec 2016
launches his Harbour Tug Cote d’Emeraude (Emerald Coast). Some outraged sailors were heard swearing and cursing at the official camera boat for stopping them to take photos during a race. Clare’s appeal was upheld. Andy owes me $50. Pleasant Christmas picnic, mostly sunny, light breeze, 22C.
240x180 rm 39MB
640x480 wmv 98MB
Denis's Cote d'Emeraude harbour tug. Gordon's Starlet yacht. Don's 10-Rater yacht. Andy's Legend yacht. Peter and Clare's yachts. Allen W's green tug. Murray's Argy Bargy. John P's yacht or was it John B's. Stephen's naval vessel. Navy vessel by visitor.
Sunday 28 Aug 2016
Vince launches USS Carpenter, another outstanding naval model in his fleet. Mike's yacht snags on a buoy and requires Argy Bargy's help. Fine, partly sunny 19'C, NW wind 15-20 km/h.
240x180 rm 18MB
640x480 wmv 64B
Andy's fishing boat and legend yacht. Vince's USS Carpenter. Mike's Dragon Flight yacht. Clare's Dragon Force yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 14 Aug 2016
A break in the winter weather saw more boats on the lake. Dragon Force yachts are very popular, but even they need a bit of wind. Fine, cool 16'C, light and variable wind.
240x180 rm 20MB BMBG140816.rm
640x480 wmv 54B
John P's 1920 Racer. Allen W's Emily cabin cruiser. Allan F's Police boat.Gordon's Dragon Force yacht. John B's Dragon Force yacht. Visitor Andy's Dragon Force yacht. Don's marblehead yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy. Peter and Clares Dragon Force yachts.
Sunday 12 Jun 2016
After months of development, Tom proves flash steam can be configured to run a twin oscillating engine in a scale boat. Bob launches his fine Riva Runabout driven by twin sensored brushless motors and screws. Fine, cool 14'C, no wind.
240x180 rm 26MB BMBG120616.rm
640x480 wmv 54B
Tom's Sandra flash steamer and R2 rescue boat. Bob's Riva runabout. Murray's Argy Bargy. Denis's motor torpedo boat. Allen's Caitlin tug. Stephen's Priana cabin cruiser.
Night Sail 3 Apr 2016
Boats descend upon the lake just to make a little wake. After dark light reflections take their place. Sooner or later we knew it would end, but we had enough fun by then. Fine 19'C. light wind.
240x180 rm 29MB BMBG030416.rm
 640x480 wmv 103B BMBG030416.wmv
John B's Dragon Force yacht. Alan F's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Tom's Eva side paddler. John P's USCG Picket boat. Murray's Argy Bargy. Bob's motor launch. Phil's Subcatcher.
Sunday 28 Feb 2016
Sailing yachts make the most of  a pleasant summer breeze. Gordon's Starlet crashes into Argy Bargy or was it the other way around! Fine, light wing 24'C.
240x180 rm 19MB BMBG280216.rm
640x480 wmv 31B
Peter's Dragon Force yacht. Gordon's starlet yacht. Michael's motor cruiser. Clares Footy yacht. John B's Dragon Force yacht. Don's navy boat. Denis's police boat. Phil's HMS Kent. John P's US Coast Guard boat. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 8 Nov 2015
Vince's Nelson battleship looks menacing. John's Fleetfoot runabout is officially launched. But Don's toy putt-putt fishing boat was top of the pop's! Fine, light wind 26'C.
240x180 rm 28MB BMBG081115.rm
640x480 wmv 46B
Vince's Nelson battleship. Peter A's Merri Queen. Calres yacht. Allen W's green tug. Denis's MTB. Bob's fishing trawler. John's Fleetwood runabout. Alan F's police boat. Gordon's Iluka paddler. Cliff's motor launch. Don's putt-putt boat. Bert's tug. Maurray's Argy Bargy.
Night Sail 27 Sep 2015
Sunset saw model boats come out to sail. With lights shining bright  they were sure to find their way. Although no wind could fill a sail, the steam boat operators told no such tales.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG270915.rm
640x480 wmv 77B BMBG270915.wmv
Peter A's Merri Queen. Denis's police boat. Clare's A motor launch. Murray's Argy Bargy. Phil's Sub Chaser. Gordon's yacht Emma and pusher tug. Peter D's Bella steam tug.
Sunday 9 Aug 2015
Peter W's Captain Sturt rear wheel paddler  horn sounds awesome. Gordon continues work on his LARC-V. Mike's trimaran enjoys a steady breeze. Fine, light breeze, 15'C.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG090815.rm
640x480 wmv 44B BMBG090815.wmv
Peter W's Captain Sturt rear wheel paddler. Gordon's LARC-V. Tom's steam launch. Vince's sailing ship. Bob's cabin cruiser. Peter and Clares footy yachts. John's Wattle tug. Murray's Argy Bargy. Mike's Skate trimaran. Don's white yacht.
Sunday 14 June 2015 Stan's Zwarte Zee tug look magnificent after a long lay up. Bert's cargo has shifted. Bob's PS Canberra enjoy's a scenic cruise. Fine, light breeze, 16'C. 240x180 rm 22MB BMBG140615.rm
640x480 wmv 35B
Stan's Zwarte Zee tug. Denis's MTB. Alan F's police boat. Bob's PS Canberra. Peter and Clare yacht and Merri Queen.Don's navy ship. Alan W's Emily cruiser. Bert's container ship. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 24 May 2015
New member Cliff launches his wooden motor boat. Alan W's new pusher tug undergoes sea trials. John's Wattle tug is busy revapourising liquified funnel smoke! Fine, light wind, 17'C.
240x180 rm 21MB BMBG240515.rm
640x480 wmv 34B
Cliff's motor launch. John's Wattle tug. Alan W's pusher tug. Don's cargo ship. Phil's Sub Chaser. Murray's Argy Bargy. Tom's Q9 steam outboard. Denis's police boat. Clares yacht.
Sunday 12 April 2015
Bruce has completed a marathon build of the Warspite battleship. Features include tin plate hull, boiler and twin steam turbines driving four screws. Congratulations Bruce. Fine 23'C.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG120415.rm
640x480 wmv 48B
Bruce's Warspite. Peter and Clare Merri Queen and sail boat. Tom's steam outboard. Vince's navy ship Montrose. Bob's fishing trawler. Stan's torpedo boat. Murray's Argy Bargy. Don's navy ship.
Sunday 29 Mar 2015
Queenscliff Maritime Weekend was attended by Geelong Model Boat Club, Illawong Model Boats and BMBG. Perfect weather made for a relaxing day. Fine, light wind, 23'C.
240x180 rm 15MB QMM2015.rm
640x480 wmv 20B
Too many to list
Sunday 8 Mar 2015 Another police boat enters service patrolling Northcorp Lake courtesy of Denis. Look out for Les's yellow submarine. Fine, light wind, 26'C. 240x180 rm 16MB BMBG080315.rm
640x480 wmv 25B BMBG080315.wmv
Denis's police boat. Allen W's green tug. Les's yellow submarine. Don's white yacht. Bob's motor cruiser. Phil's HMS Kent. Gordon's black sailing ship. Alan F's timber hull.
Sunday 8 Feb 2015 Gordon's twin masted ship sails majestically in a steady SE breeze. Audrey Ann's Kitchener rudder allows Tom to turn her on the spot. Honk, honk - John's Graig Tug coming through. Fine 24'C. 240x180 rm 22MB BMBG080215.rm
640x480 wmv 36MB
Tom' Audrey Ann steam launch. John's Craig Tug. Gordon's Pink Lafy tacht and twin masted sailing ship. Bert's white yacht. Clare's footy yacht. Peter A's Merri Queen steam boat. Allen W's Emily cruiser. Murray's Argy Bargy. Don's Mar's launch.
Sunday 12 Oct 2014
More than 11 vessels took to the water under warm spring weather. Gordon's new pusher tug plays water polo. Tom's new R2 rescue boat was launched. Fine 28'C.
240x180 rm 27MB BMBG121014.rm
640x480 wmv 44MB
Gordon's pusher tug. Allen W's Emily cabin cruiser. Chris's yellow submarine. Tom's white cabin cruiser and R2 rescue vessel. Phil's HMS Kent. Peter and Clare's Footy yachts. John's brown submarine. Peter D's Bella tug. Don's Mars motor launch.
SY Ena Cruise 30 Aug 2014
BMBG were privileged to Cruise aboard Steam Yacht Ena from Victoria Harbour, Docklands in Melbourne. This remarkable vessel run by the Turner family did not disappoint.
240x180 rm 12MB Ena300814.rm
640x480 wmv 18MB
Sunday 24 August 2014
Gordon's beam engine paddler looks wonderful. Tom runs his patrol boat with a brushless motor. Three tugs looking for towage. Fine 18'C.
240x180 rm 29MB BMBG240814.rm
640x480 wmv 49MB
Gordon's beam engine paddler. Alan F's Portleigh tug. Stephen's navy ship. Tom's patrol boat. Allan W's green tug. Don's Mar's motor launch. John's Wattle tug. Bert's blue motor boat. Vince's sailing ship. Chris's yellow sub. Les's red and white sub. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 13 July 2014
A glassy lake made for a pleasant mid winter sail. Boss Drover is towed for attention. Matilda sails well despite a light breeze. Merri Queen's boiler keeps Peter warm. Fine 14'C.
240x180 rm 15MB BMBG130714.rm
640x480 wmv 25MB BMBG130714.wmv
Murray's Boss Drover and Argy Bargy. Peter and Claire's Matilda and Merri Queen. Allan W's Green Tug. Don's Mars launch.
Sunday 27 April 2014
Fine weather invites over 9 boats to sail. Visitor Denis runs his Motor Torpedo Boat. Alan F shows off his new radar on top of Glenalbyn.
240x180 rm 18MB BMBG270414.rm
640x480 wmv 29MB BMBG270414.wmv
Bob's fishing trawler. Bruces steam tug. Alan F's Glenalbyn fishing boat. American picket boat by John. Peter and Claires footy yachts. Allen W's Emily cabin cruiser. Gordon's drogher paddler. Denis's motor torpedo boat. Phil's HMS Kent.
Night Sail 6 April 2014
Jim's cabin cruiser enjoys the placid lake. Tom goes fishing in "Mary Lou". John, Bob and Gordon put on a marvellous light show. Don experiences a rare battery explosion and Murray's Argy Bargy catches all the action.
240x180 rm 31MB BMBG060414.rm
640x480 wmv 65MB BMBG060414.wmv
Jim's Trojan cabin cruiser. Tom's Mary Lou fishing boat. John's Craig tug. Bob's PS Canberra. Gordon's Drogher Paddler. Don's Solan motor boat. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 9 Mar 2014
New member Steve sails his navy ship. Jim launches his new Trojan cabin cruiser. Les tests his red submarine. Almost 10 boats enjoy the fine conditions.
240x180 rm 17MB BMBG090314.rm
 640x480 wmv 28MB BMBG090314.wmv
Steve's navy ship. Jim's Trojan cabin cruiser. Les's red submarine. Gordon's Drogher paddler. Vince's navy ship. Allen W's cabin cruiser.Tom's clicker hull steam launch. Alan F's new hull.
Sunday 23 Feb 2014
Lovely sailing day with more than 10 boats taking to the water. Tom launched his new clicker hull steam launch. Alan F launched his Portleigh tug. Fine 25'C
240x180 rm 22MB BMBG0230214.rm
 640x480 wmv 36MB BMBG230214.wmv
Tom's clicker hull steam launch. Murray's Argy Bargy. Allen W's cabin cruiser. Alan F's police boat and Portleigh Tug. Vince's navy ship. John's American patrol boat. Bert's fishing boat. Bob's African Queen. Peter W's blue yacht.
Sunday 12 Jan 2014
Perfect sailing conditions combined with a big turn out of boats made for a lovely day. Vince's Nelson battleship was launched. Task Force 72 members also attended.
240x180 rm 22MB BMBG0120114.rm
640x480 wmv 35MB
Vince's Nelson Battleship. Pusher Tug, Yorkshireman Tug and Patrol Boat by Martin. Alan F's Police boat. John's submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 8 Dec 2013
Nineteen members enjoyed a tasty Christmas lunch by the lake. Many boats took to the water under pleasant conditions. Mikes new Caito Brothers Fishing Trawler stood out from the crowd.
240x180 rm 28MB BMBG081213.rm
640x480 wmv 46MB BMBG081213.wmv
Peter D Bella Steam Tug and blue motor launch. Mikes Caito Bros Fishing Trawler. Don's Mar's launch and cargo ship. Tom's Rangely steam launch. Stan's fishing boat and fast electric. Allan W's Amy tug. Alan F's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Phil's sub chaser. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 27 Oct 2013
Bob's African Queen looks splendid  with tea set, gin crates and gas cylinders. John's Wattle Steam tug under goes sea trials. 12 boats take advantage of the excellent conditions.
240x180 rm 29MB BMBG271013.rm
 640x480 wmv 47MB BMBG271013.wmv
Bob's African Queen. John's Wattle tug. Vince's Navy ship. Peter's Bella tug. Bert's tug. Murray's Argy Bargy. Tom's steam launch. Bruce's steam tug. Allen W's Amy tug. Stephen's Navy ship. Alan F's American air sea rescue hull and tug hull.
Night Sail Sunday 22 Sept 2013
Bert's tug makes a pretty reflection using the longest light ever seen on a boat. John's tug Craig sounds so real. Alan W's tug Amy looks more stable than ever. John goes spot lighting for crocodiles!
240x180 rm 24MB
640x480 wmv 88MB

Bert's brown tug. John's tug Craig. Alan W's tug Amy. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 25 August 2013
Jack launches his stealth ship. Gordon's Droger goes for a spin. Peter's tug continues with sea trials. Don's picket launch makes an appearance.
240x180 rm 19MB
640x480 wmv 31MB BMBG250813.wmv
Gordon's Droger paddler. Don's picket launch. Alan W's tug Amy. Jack's stealth ship. Peter D's tug Bella. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 23 June 2013
Calm sunny weather and a glassy lake lured 7 boats out for a sail. Peter's tug under went sea trials. 
240x180 rm 12MB
640x480 wmv 18MB

Peter D's tug Bella and Fast Electric. Bob's trawler. Peter and Clare's footy and Merri Queen. Don's Solan motor boat. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Night Sail Sunday 7th April 2013
Warm weather and a glassy lake lured 7 boats and a submarine out for a night sail at Queens Park Lake. A very enjoyable time was had by all. Fine but overcast, 24'C.
240x180 rm, 26MB BMBG070413.rm
640x480 wmv, 89MB
Tom's steam yacht. Phil's submarine Chaser. Murray's Argy Bargy. Gordon's Hunter River Paddler. Alan's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. John's Craig Tug. Les's yellow submarine. Bob's PS Canberra.
Yea Festival 2013
Yea Festival 2013 featured boats from Surrey Park Model Boat Club, Task Force 72 Fleet Base Victoria and Broadmeadows Model Group. Fine weather, light wind, 22'C.
240x180 rm, 20MB Yea Festival 2013.rm
640x480 wmv, 30MB
Yea Festival 2013.wmv
Too many boats to list.
Sunday 25 Nov 2012
Tom's launch Judy features a steam powered outboard motor. Phil launches his submarine chaser. Fine, steady Sth wind, 23'C.
240x180 rm, 23MB BMBG251112.rm
640x480 wmv, 37MB
Tom's steam powered outboard Judy. Don's yacht. Peter and Clare's footy yacht's. Phil's submarine chaser. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 11 Nov 2012
Alan's Halvorsen 38' Seaplane Tender makes an appearance. John's 206 Seaplane Tender participates in joint exercises. Sunny, steady NW wind, 28'C.
240x180 rm, 23MB BMBG111112.rm
640x480 wmv, 36MB
Alan F's Halvorsen Seaplane Tender. John's 206 Seaplane Tender. Alan W's green tug. Bert's ancient yacht. Gordon's rear wheel paddler and pink yacht. Bob's fishing trawler. Peter and Clare's yacht.
Sunday 14 Oct 2012
Tom's new steam tug has a run. Stan sails Elma's Thames barge. Bert's tows his new model. Fine and sunny with light wind, 22'C.
240x180 rm, 22MB BMBG141012.rm
640x480 wmv, 36MB
Bert's broad boat and tug. Stan's Thames barge. Tom's steam tug. John's vamoose. Vince's navy ship. Peter and Clare's yacht. Alan W's tug. Bruces Warspite.
Sunday 9 Sep 2012
Perfect weather ensured a fantastic sail day. Gordon's paddler shows some puff. Alan W takes his tug for a run. Fine with sunny patches, 17'C.
240x180 rm, 28MB BMBG090912.rm
640x480 wmv, 48MB
Bert's mini yacht. Vince's navy ship. Tom's Rangeley steamer. Alan W's tug. Peter and Clares Merri Queen & sail boat.John's G7 racer. Gordon's rear wheel paddler. Stephen's motor baot. Alan F's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 24 June 2012
Vamoose sets new standards in style and elegance. Warspite steams into action. PS Canberra enjoys the smooth water. Fine with sunny patches, 15'C.
240x180 rm, 24MB BMBG240612.rm
640x480 wmv, 40MB
Bruce's Warspite. John's Vamoose. Bert's white yacht. Bob's PS Canberra. Peter and Clare's Footy yachts. Murray's Argy Bargy. Don's white ketch.
Sunday 10 June 2012
Two tug hulls make a large wake. Everybody else gets sea sick. Fine before a shower, 15'C.
240x180 rm, 6.5MB BMBG100612.rm
640x480 wmv, 21MB
Alan's Versatile tug. Bert's motor launch. John's Wattle tug. Peter and Clare's Merri Queen steam launch and motor launch. Don's Solan motor boat. Bob's fishing trawler. Gordon's pink yacht.Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 27 May 2012
Fantastic video of many boats taken by Mike's amazing movie camera.
340x180 rm, 28MB BMBG270512.rm
720x576 wmv, 332MB
Gordon's Willow paddler. Don's Solan motor boat, sail boat and cargo ship. John's Wattle tug. Vince's navy ship. Peter and Clare's Footy yachts. Bert's fishing boat. Bruces steam boat.
Sunday 8 April 2012
Allen launches his long awaited cruiser. Stephen's white cabin cruiser makes some waves. A radio controlled duck looks for a mate. Fine, light wind, 22'C.
240x180 rm, 8.2MB BMBG080412.rm
640x480 wmv, 27MB
Allen's motor cruiser. Peter Webster's HMAD Daffy (Her Majesty's Australian Duck). Stephen's white cabin cruiser. Phil's HMS Kent. Peter and Clares Merri Queen steamer and Matilda yacht. Bob's motor cruiser. John's G7 Racer. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 25 March 2012
Peter and Clare glide their boats across a glassy lake. Les's submarine navigates deep underwater. John's first steam powered boat undergoes sea trials. Video by Mike. Fine, light wind 21'C.
320x180 wmv 27MB
1280x720 wmv 230MB
Peter and Clares Merri Queen steamer and Matilda yacht. Les's yellow submarine. John's steam picket boat.
Submarine Underwater Rescue
Phil's submarine ran well until it collided with a yacht, lost radio control in a "dead spot" and sank. Argy Bargy recovered it using a treble hook slung from its crane. Video by John Elston.
320x180 wmv 18.5MBYea Festival 2012_320x180.wmv1920x1080 wmv 372MBYea Festival 2012_1920x1080.wmv Phil's submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy. Chris's thunder tiger submarine. John's midget submarine.
Sunday 18 March 2012
Yea Autumn Festival was attended by members of Surrey Park Model Boat Club, Broadmeadows Model Boat Group and Benalla Model Boat Group. Fantastic day, 22'C.
240x180 rm, 5.3MB Yea Festival 2012.rm
640x480 wmv, 39MB
Yea Festival 2012.wmv
Les's yellow submarine. John's midget submarine. Don's white yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 11 March 2012
Tom's new steam launch "Patricia" sails for the first time. Stephen's navy ship makes it debut. Bert's shipping cargo, but needs more ballast. Vince's navy ship sounds an alarm. Lots of boats enjoy sailing on a lovely Autumn day. Fine, light wind 21'C.
240x180 rm
640x480 wmv
Stephen's navy ship. Bert's cargo ship. John's midget submarine and RAF 206 seaplane tender. Don's white yacht. Tom's steam boat Patricia. Murray's Argy Bargy. Peter and Clares Merri Queen steam boat and motor boat. Vince's 2 navy ships. Gordon's Willow paddler.
Sunday 11 Dec 2011
We feasted on chicken salad for Christmas lunch. Steady SE winds produced spirited sailing amongst the yachts. Bert's tug tows his work boat. Two steamers search for calm water. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all from BMBG.
240x180 rm
640x480 wmv
Bruce's steam tug. Gordon's Willow paddler. Vince's navy ship. Tom's Minnie Paddler. Bert's work boat and tug. Don's yacht. Stan's blue wee nip yacht. Bob's brown wee nip yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy. 
Sunday 27 Nov 2011
Peter's steam launch Merri Queen circumnavigates a glassy lake. Clare practices docking. Vince and Don parade their navy ships. Fine, no wind 27'C.
240x180 rm
640x480 wmv
Don's navy ship B44 and frigate. Peter and Clares Merri Queen steam launch and motor launch. Vince's navy ships.  Murray's Argy Bargy. 
Sunday 23 Oct 2011
Benalla Model Boat Group visit Northcorp Lake. 21 Boats enjoy fantastic sailing. 16 Boats appear on video. Bob's P.S. Canberra's shrill whistle attracts attention. Peter and his paddler make a splash. Fine, light NW wind 27'C.
240x180 rm
640x480 wmv
John's Craig Tug. Peter's paddler. Bob's PS Canberra. Phil's HMS Kent. Gordon's Willow paddler. Rodney's push tug. David's yachts. Don's yacht and frigate. Vince's navy ships. Rodneys' yacht. Peter and Clare's yachts. Murray's Argy Bargy. Bert's yacht.
Sunday 25 Sep 2011 Night Sail. Stunning scenes, flashing lights, a total of 4 crashes and spectacular Infra red night vision all surrounded by some groovy tunes. Peter's boat horn sounds as its  diesel engine chugs away. Gordon's Paddle boat "Willow" looks marvellous, but suffers no less than 3 collisions. Light wind 19'C. 240x180 rm
640x480 wmv
Peter & Clare's motor boat. Gordon's paddle boat "Willow". Bert's tug. Alan's fishing trawler "Zorran". Murray's Argy Bargy. John's midget submarine. Don's solan motor launch. Chris's yellow submarine. Bob's PS Canberra. 
Sunday 28 Aug 2011
Vince's Navy ship sails well with a new speed controller. Tom's steam motor yacht looks superb. Peter W's steamer makes a welcome return. Fine, mild, NW wind 19'C.
240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Vince's Navy ship. Tom's steam motor yacht. Peter & Clare's footy yachts. Peter W's steam cargo ship. Chris's fast electric catamaran. Murray's Argy Bargy using on-board Canon A560 camera in movie mode. 
Sunday 26 June 2011
Bob's PS Canberra looking a treat. Peter and Clare practice boat parking. Vince shows off one of his large Navy ships. Alan takes scoot for a run. Don's yacht almost blown away. Sunny, strong NW wind 16'C.
240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Bob's PS Canberra. Peter & Clare's motor boat. Murray's Boss Drover and Argy Bargy. Vince's Navy ship. Alan B's scoot. Don's yacht.
Sunday 13 Mar 2011 Michael's work boat surveys the scene. Sam launches a fishing trawler and sails a splendid yacht. Les test drives his new cruiser. Video captured using Chris's mini DV camera. Fine, NW wind 25'C before a rain storm. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Michael's workboat and Fairey Swordsman. Bruce's Victor steam tug. Sam's fishing trawler and yacht. Les's motor cruiser. Alan's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 14 Nov 2010 Bert launches his new brown tug. Tom's rear wheel steam paddler glides gracefully over a glassy lake. Hilarious tug-of-war prompts authorities to breath test Capt Bert following erratic steerage. Boss Drover flips after colliding with a sub. Overcast, calm 20'C. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Bert's Brown tug and blue motor launch. Tom's rear wheel steam paddler. Phil's HMS Kent. Murray's Boss Drover and Argy Bargy. Peter & Clare's motor boat and steam launch. Bob's motor yacht. John's Craig tug. Don's cargo ship and navy ship. Chris's grey sub.
Sunday 26 Sept 2010 Night Sail What a perfect evening for a night sail. 16 vessels, including 2 subs light up Queens Park Lake. Witness the transition from day to dusk to night. See Bob's disco lights. Marvel at the lights on Alan B's boats? Argy Bargy's spot light almost blinds spectators. Fine, calm 21'C. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Tom's fishing boat. Phil's river gun boat. Bob's fishing trawler. Bert's motor cruiser and Gippsland Lakes Net Boat. Murray's Argy Bargy. Alan F's TF77 fishing trawler. John's Craig Tug. Chris's Thunder Tiger Neptune sub. Peter & Clare's motor boat and steam launch. Alan B's motor boat & tug boat. Don's navy frigate and Solan motor launch.
Sunday 12 Sept 2010 Elma's old freighter carries some cargo after a makeover by Don. John's G7 racer runs smooth and slick. Bert and his yacht battle the wind. Argy Bargy benefits from a speed upgrade. Fine, windy 18'C. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Don (ex Elma's) freighter. John's Woodstock G7 racer. Bert's white yacht. Peter and Clare's 1' yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 8 August 2010. Murray's Argy Bargy rescues a petrol speed boat to notch up recovery number 30. Bert's motor launch seeks attention with new gold trim. Four yachts battle for line honours. Fine 14'C, windy. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
John's Craig tug and  Woodstock G7 racer. Murray's Boss Drover and Argy Bargy. Bert's blue motor launch. Petrol speed boat by visitor. Don's yellow Wee Nip yacht. Bruce's Victor steam tug. Peter and Clare's 1' yacht. Stan's blue Wee Nip yacht.
Sunday 11 July 2010. Woodstock G7 racer launched by John. Alan tests his Versatile tug hull. Bert's motor cruiser survives a collision with Argy Bargy. Fine but windy 16'C.  240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Bert's motor launch. John's Woodstock G7 racer. Alan F's Versatile tug hull. Peter and Clare's 1' yacht. Phil's river gun boat. Bert's blue yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 13 June 2010. Two steamers puff there stuff. Bert's motor cruiser launched. Navy ships gliding gracefully on a glassy lake. RAF Sea Plane Tender 206 sea trials. Argy Bargy collects some rubbish. Cold 13'C. No wind. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Don's Navy ships #1 & #2. John's RAF Sea Plane Tender No.206. Bruce's steam boat. Peter and Clare's steam launch. Chris's Dolphin submarine. Phil's river gun boat. Bert's motor launch. Peter and Clare's utility boat. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 9 May 2010. Boss Drover speed boat launched. Majestic yacht proves 4 sails are better than 1. Glenalbyn trawls for fish. Dolphin sub frolics in the lake and jumps for dragon flies. Fine 21'C. Wind NW at 15 knots . 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Alan F's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Murray's Boss Drover speed boat. Visitor yacht. Chris's dolphin submarine. Peter and Clare's 1' yacht. Bob's fishing boat. Bruce's Victor steam tug. John's Watt Knott speed boat. Don's Solan motor launch. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 11 Apr 2010. Four flying sub's caught on camera. HMS Kent almost rams Argy Bargy. Warspite running well on steam turbines. Several props fouling on plastic bags. Very windy and a spot of rain, but mainly fine 17'C. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
John's Delphin submarine. Phil's HMS Kent. Chris's grey submarine. Bruce's Warspite.  Stan's Thornycroft MTB. Peter and Clare's utility boat. Bert's yacht. Chris's Dolphin submarine. Don's Navy ship #1 and #2. Murray's Argy Bargy. Bert's Gippsland Lakes net fishing boat.
Sunday 14 Mar 2010. Alan's Air boat "Miss Take" sets the pace. Phil's sub spotted. Two steamers sailing rather fast. Argy Bargy's pirate camera crew suffer dizziness chasing boats. Two new yachts and a tug have fun. Sunny 29'C. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
Alan B's Air boat "Miss Take". Peter and Clare's 1' yacht's. John's Watt Knots speed boat. Murray's Argy Bargy. Phil's submarine. Tom's steam launch "Rangeley". Bruce's steam tug "Victor". Alan B's Scoot (V12 Rolls Royce version). Alan F's Fishing Trawler "Lorran". Bert's yacht. Visitor tug. Visitor yacht "Sea Wind".
Sunday 14 Feb 2010. Fast grey sub leaps skyward then makes a splash. Gippsland fishing boat catches a shark. River gun boat on patrol. Graig tug looking splendid as usual. Yachties in search of a breeze. Fine 26'C. 240x176 rm
640x480 wmv
John's Craig tug. Alan's fishing trawler "Lorran". Chris's grey submarine. Phil's river gun boat. Bert's yacht and Gippsland Lakes Net boat. Don's motor launch with skier. Stan's Wee Nip. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 13 Dec  2009. Visitors  from Lake Illawong Model Boat Group join us for Christmas lunch. HMS Warspite looking awesome. Beautiful Paddle tug "Glasgow". Wet-n-Wild rescued. Marvellous Cruiser. 240x176 rm
640x480 mwv
Andre's Glasgow paddle tug. Rosey's HMS Warspite. Les's pusher tug. Tom's Rangeley steamer. Don's navy ship. Peter and Clare's 1' yacht's. John's Wet-n-wild utility boat. Phil's HMS Kent. Brian's cruiser. Bert's yacht. Stan's Scoot speed boat. Murray's Argy Bargy.
Sunday 8 November 2009. Paddle steamer "Eva" takes a pleasure cruise. HMS Kent rams a german U-boat disguised as a yacht! The yacht survived, but the sub vanished. Yacht's slow going in the still conditions. Hot 34'C. BMBG081109 Bruce's HMS Warspite. Micheal's motor launch. Phil's HMS Kent. Bob's Wee Nip #57 yacht. Tom's paddle steamer "Eva". Don's navy ship. Bert's yacht. Peter and Clare's 1' yacht's, Air boat and Utility boat. Les's PC49 submarine. Alan's fishing trawler "Lorran". Chris's grey submarine. John's Delphin submarine. Stan's speed boat "Scoot". Murray's Argy Bargy.
11 October 2009. Craig tug makes a "sound" impression. Argy Bargy hooks a branch. Several visitors from SPMBC run fast electrics, a big tug and steam launch. Two other steamers in action. Huge turnout of boats. BMBG111009 John's Craig tug. Micheal's motor launch and Fairey Swordsman. Tom's Rangeley steamer. Bruce's HMS Warspite. SPMBC visitor steam lauch and tug. Bob's fishing trawler. Peter and Clare's 1' yachts and airboat. Harry's Apro fast electric. Bert's Gippsland Lakes Net boat. Don's Navy ship. Chris's Neptune submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy.
13 September 2009. HMS Warspite running on steam turbines. "The Fish" submarine gets an upgrade. Gippsland Lakes Net Boat catches a fish. Cold and windy. BMBG130909 Bruce's HMS Warspite. John's RAF Seaplane tender and "The Fish" Submarine. Peter and Clare's 1' yachts and airboat. Alan's TF77 fishing trawler. Stan's Scoot  Wee Nip yacht. Chris's grey submarine. Bert's Gippsland Lakes Net boat. Les's yellow submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy.
9 August 2009. Visitor sails his Western Port  fishing boat. Dumas Chriscraft runabout. Motor launch towing water skier. Noisy red petrol powered hydroplane makes an appearance. Cold and windy. BMBG090809 Alan's TF77 fishing trawler. John's Wet'n'Wild runabout. Don's white launch and skier. Bert's fishing boat. Phil's HMS Kent. Stan's Scoot speed boat. Chris's grey submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy.
12 July 2009. 1' yachts sail very well in gentle breeze. Steam tug with full head of steam. RAF Seaplane Tender #206. Cold, but tolerable weather. 5 rescues. BMBG120709 Bruce's Victor steam tug. Micheal's motor launch. Peter and Clare's 1' yachts and utility boat. Phil's river gun boat. John's RAF Seaplane tender. Alan's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Murray's Argy Bargy.
14 June 2009. Visitors arrive with new boats. Rescues of Thornycroft MTB, Chris's sub and steam launch. Launch of RAF Seaplane Tender #206. Yellow submarine.
Pleasant weather.
BMBG140609 Bob's fishing trawler. Peter & Clare's utility boat and steam launch. Stan's Thornycroft MTB. John's RAF Seaplane tender. Alan's TF77 fishing trawler. Chris's grey submarine. Phil's HMS Kent. Don's Type 21 frigate. Micheal's motor launch. Les's yellow submarine. Murray's Argy Bargy.
10 May 2009. Flying Delphin submarine becomes airborne! Motor launches display speed and performance. Glenalbyn trawler sails under the pier. Marblehead yacht sails gracefully on a beautiful day. BMBG100509 Bob's motor yacht. SPMBC visitor yacht. Bruce's Victor steam tug. John's Watt Knott speed boat and Delpin submarine. Don's white launch and marblehead yacht.  Alan's Glenalbyn fishing trawler. Murray's Argy Bargy.
12 April 2009. Rangeley steam launch sets the pace. Rescue of Chris's sub. Type 21 Frigate looks menacing. Yacht's enjoy the gentle breeze.  Fantastic Autumn day. BMBG120409 Tom's Rangeley steamer. John's Watt Knott speed boat. Alan's TF77 fishing trawler. Stan's Scoot speed boat and Wee Nip #3.  Chris's grey submarine. Phil's HMS Kent. Don's Type 21 frigate and marblehead yacht. Murray's Argy Bargy.