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Sunday 24 Nov 2019Light house
John B launches his high performance Air Boat. Its modified hull and water rudder allow a 1 metre turning circle at almost any speed without fear of crash.  Fine, sunny, light wind, 23C.
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Sunday 28 July 2019
Michael continues sea trials of his RNLI LF-8 Lifeboat. Built entirely from balsa and sealed using fibre glass. Love the moving windscreen wipers and radar. Fine, light wind, 15C.
6 min
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Sunday 9 June 2019
Stern Wheel Paddle Steamer Lady Daly was launched by Tom. Also known as SW Lady Daly, she is a model of a Murray River paddle boat. Fine, 30 km/h N wind, 17C.
4 min
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Sunday 12 May 2019
Crystal clear water greeted John's Type 209 submarine. Surface and submerged manoeuvres were easily observed during sea trials. Fine, no breeze, 18C.
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