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Sunday 9 May 2021Light house Airboats starred at Cairnlea Lake on Sunday. Clockwork Orange set G-Force records while No.8 Airboat practiced skids and spins. Fine, sunny, light wind, 21C. IE users right click  and select play.
 4 min
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Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Yachts enjoyed a light breeze and smooth water. Chris relaunched his recovery boat after repairing some leaks. Fine, sunny, light wind, 18C.
5 min
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Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Sailing resumed after a long break due to COVID restrictions. Twenty one people and 18 boats took the opportunity to enjoy pleasant sailing on Cairnlea Lake. Fine, sunny, light wind, 26C.
7 min
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Sunday 8 Dec 2019
Bright sunshine powered John P's solar powered ferry along at impressive speed creating a massive bow wave. Haig's MTB was firing on enemy agents lurking in the jungle surrounding North Corp Lake! Fine, sunny, light wind, 26C.
6 min
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