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Sunday 22 July 2018Light house Clear water, sunny skies and steady Nth wind made for an excellent sail day. John's electric steam tug Wattle made an appearance complete with fake smoke. Large sails on Gordon's yacht Emma made full use of the wind. Don's new yacht sailed amongst the Dragon Force Fleet. Fine Nth wind 14C. IE users right click  and select play.
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Sunday 27 May 2018
Robert’s Coast Guard boat powered by twin waterjets patrols Northcorp Lake in search of lost members. Roger’s shiny new cabin cruiser Kitty looks fantastic and moves across water superbly. Gordon’s new airboat looks like a cross between a DC3 plane and a hydroplane. Fine light Nth wind 19C.
4 min
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Copyright BMBG 2009-2018 Night Sail 1 Apr 2018
Part 2 Don's cabin cruiser takes Barbie water skiing. Peter D's steam tug Bella puffs away despite a few setbacks. Bob's trawler casts off after dark. Mainly fine, 25C.
7.5 min
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Night Sail 1 Apr 2018
Part 1 Argy Bargy places buoy's and removes obstacles before others arrive. Boss Drover rounds up water birds, but Gordon's Hovercraft and Airboat chase them away. Video courtesy of Michael B.
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